Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Synopsis: Wednesday's version

Oh what a weekend! So much went on that I have to break it down day by day just to get it straight in my mind!

Friday (Oct. 24th) was the day of my interview for the court job. I get up to the court house (in Viera) by 10:30 just to be sure of where I was going and lo' and behold I'm suppose to be in Titusville! I have never been to Titusville, so the 45 minute drive there was enough to discourage me from wanting the job in the first place. When they realized they had mistakenly pulled my application for the wrong location I was relieved and peeved. Relieved that the position in Viera was still available, and peeved that I wasted $20 in gas!

So I make it home in time to check my oldest son out of school and hunt down the remainder of his costume:

Yes, he wants to be MJ for Halloween! You should see the video of him dancing...Lord help us.

Saturday (Oct. 25): First thing Saturday morning I had my monthly STAR meeting. The Deep Dish was fantastic and I'm still editing from the comments everyone made on my first chapter. I'm so excited, but that's another post!

Then I had to get home to take the boys to our oldest son's Fall Festival at school. Fifty tickets and four won sodas later we headed home to get ready for his game. Baseball fields were flooded so we had a two hour reprieve from watching little league and chasing our 10 month around the playground. Yeah, he's walking that good now.

That night we had a Halloween/costume/Texas Hold'em/Birthday bash for a friend. Our oldest also had a Halloween party that started 30 minutes before ours. This put my husband and I in an awkward position of dropping him off in full costume:

My hubster was the Tooth Fairy, and I went as a Native American with an Afro...and Afro-American! The night ended with a three way tie on the Texas Hold'em tournament and the hostess winning the best costume. It's always fun when you mix costumes, alcohol, cards, and friends.

Sunday (Oct. 26th): We rested. Cleaned house, grocery shopped, and rested.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'm looking forward to this Friday. Halloween with the boys will be fun.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poll Results

Okay, so according to the seven people that voted, the majority picked long haired brunettes. I'll take that to the bank and agree as being blond is just way too expensive! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deep Dish Critique Dilemma

I have a huge dilemma! Okay, so it's not that huge, but it's important to me. This Saturday is our next STAR meeting and not only do I have to read in front of all the wonderful writers in my group for the Deep Dish Critique, but I also have to pick which In The Works I'm going to read! I have a couple that have never been seen by anyone other than me. I'm not sure I want them to be heard either! Ha! So in lieu of my pending 'debut' of my writings to the group I will likely start yet another chapter of new stories.

Just as we've discussed before in meetings, the first chapter is usually just for the writer and can be deleted from the manuscript when submitted for publication. It's where the idea starts, the passion begins, the characters are born...but it's not always necessary information for the readers. Maybe that's why I'm so reluctant on these two pieces to be read or heard. Perhaps for now they are just for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Synopsis

Oh what a weekend! Though I missed out on the STAR retreat, I had plenty on my plate to keep me full. Costume shopping was every day. Family night was Friday. Baseball and fight night on Saturday. And more errands/honey do/shopping/and catching up on Sunday. I have details, but right now I need to finish writing since I have less than a week until my next STAR meeting that I forgot I have to read for a Deep Dish Critique!! I'll be posting about that later too. It's been hectic since last Thursday and more so today as I still have shopping to do...not for costumes, but for an interview. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've been in limbo at my job with whether or not they will be laying off in our department. I know from a reliable source that they are, and that I'm the layee because I make more money than my co-worker who is equally proficient. I know too that I've been looking for an excuse to use my degree, but due to money I have procrastinated. So in lieu of the pending layoff I have come up with three things that I need to accomplish with this life change.

(1) The Good-I'm forced to find a new job, so I might as well start my real career.

(2) The Bad- I know the money will be a lot less, BUT I'll be using my degree that I'm paying for...forever!

(3) The Ugly- I have no excuse not to get my butt busy with my writing in the mean time...Okay, so that's not really 'Ugly', but I feel it's a blemish on my 'To Do' list as I have not written in 8 days.

Yeah, you read that right, I've been a non-writer. I'm not proud of it so BACK OFF! I'm setting aside my time tonight and the rest of the week to get at least 5000 words done by Friday.

So what's your Good, Bad, and Ugly for this week??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?!

In a recent study by Dr. Kelley Kline of Florida State University, it was found that men prefer brunettes. Not just any brunette, but long haired brunettes. The study states "Fifty men and 76 women whose average age was 27 rated the attractiveness of women who were depicted in six different photographs. Both men and women found the long hair to be "overwhelmingly" more attractive than the short or medium-length hair. Men are programmed to find a fertile mate, and lead researcher Dr. Kelley Kline thinks long, thick hair is a signal that a woman is strong, young, and healthy." Another interesting find "Men preferred brunettes over blonds." This intrigued me the most as so many of today's poptarts are blond-buxom-beauties. The idea that the Hef would prefer a brunette over a blond is ludicrous, yet the majority of males seem to look towards Angelina Jolie--brunette, Kim Kardashian-brunette, J. Lo-brunette, and so on. I've decided to have a poll of my own. Vote your preference and I'll post the findings a week from today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Recap Has A New Name

I use to write a Weekend Recap to sum up our weekend adventures. Of course in those days me and my hubster's adventures consisted of jumping out of planes, night ops, and polishing off an 18 pack between two of us while everyone else crawled home. Those were such simpler times!

We still have adventures, just not 30,000 feet above the ground, usually not at night with cammo paint and ghillie suites, and often sober unless we are lucky enough to find a babysitter--they hide at the end of the rainbow with the leprechauns now; that's how rare they've become!

So in lieu of simpler times, I've decided to bring back the weekend recap but with a new spin. It's now going to be my Sunday Synopsis. I need to keep focused on my writing, especially in these hard times, because it's what keeps me motivated and staying positive that things WILL get better.

There's so much coming up in the weeks ahead that I'll have plenty to write about so be sure to check in on Sunday nights or Monday mornings for the Sunday Synopsis updates!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Costume Update

So the big buzz in our social scene is Who's wearing What for the Halloween-TexasHold'em-Birthday bash. I've posted some ideas, and held a contest (still going until 17th) to pick the best idea. Here's what I've narrowed it to:

(1) Tomb Raider
(2) Viking
(3) Pirate
(4) Cave Chic
(5) Matador
(6) Killer Bee**with added clothing!
(7) Zorro
(8) Madusa

I know my favorites, so post your comments here to vote or at my MySpace. The contest ends on the 17th!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Costume Updates

Here are some costume ideas that I came up with. Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And He's Off!

At nine months and 2 weeks my baby boy, Bam, is officially a walker. I'm not talking a few steps to Mommy and Daddy, I'm talking 6-10 steps to his brother across the room! I knew this day would come, and I knew it would be about the same time Ant walked at 9 months, but it just seems so fast. This whole year has gone by so fast. I'm going to snag a video of the cutie pie later to show him teetering across the floor on his tip-toes to his big brother. He gets so excited that you think he's going to take off running!

Ok, proud momma moment.