Thursday, January 31, 2013

Socially Enhanced ...ish

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Get What You Pay For?

I’ve been playing devil’s advocate with the gun control media frenzy. It’s fun to watch them scramble on the latest breaking news then find out there’s nothing new the government can do other than cost tax payers more money for research.
The POTUS proposed a $500 million dollar plan to ban assaultweapons and make private sales of firearms illegal, and a $10 million dollar plan for research by the CDC into possible linkages between violent video games, media images and real-life violence. An ESTIMATED $510 million dollars for something that will not stop the bad guys from getting guns and killing people when they set their mind to it, yet we are not even one month into 2013 and the majority of Americans are already losing $200+ per household a paycheck from the tax mayhem. The gun laws already on the books need to be enforced before they start binding them with new ones.
Listen up! If you are convicted of a felony you are no longer allowed to possess a firearm (right to bear arms). That sounds fair for the basic version of bad guys. Keep reading. When a person in Baker Acted it is considered a medical condition that falls under HIPPA. This is a privacy act that protects people’s medical business from being public information. Under the new laws proposed people who are Baker Acted will no longer be allowed to possess firearms. This means your medical information in this regard will become public information in order to be tracked.  A person Baker Acted will be no different than a convicted felon if they are caught in possession of a firearm. If this goes through then they will also be subject to search just like a convicted felon in order to ensure the law is properly executed.  This means anyone they reside with will also be subject to this law in order to keep them from having access to firearms.  Still sound fair?

Don't go off on the "protect our children" soap box. I firmly believe in protecting our children, MY CHILDREN, and everyone else who needs protection. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to make it impossible for the bad guys to access any weapon.   Banning them will keep everyone from having them so that solves everything!   Banning them is stupid.  It keeps the honest people honest, and the bad guys get creative. 
I’m a cop. I’m also a mom of two active boys and a wife to a Jarhead who will eat a steak as long as he doesn’t know how it died. We own firearms. Our boys know how to shoot, and our oldest knows how to access them in case of an emergency. Teaching them these things are important to us for two reasons: One is for safety, the other is for protection.
I also have a diverse group of friends. Some are for gun ownership, others are against it and a few are on the fence. I respect their opinions and reasons for each. Though most people’s apprehension over firearms is their lack of exposure and training with them, some folks just aren’t gun people. My ancestors called them ‘gatherers’.
With my profession I see gun ownership as a double-edged sword. You have them for sport/hunting/protection, or you have them for killing. We’re usually the target which is why we carry guns. Safety is our first priority, and if I can’t get there fast enough to save you then guess who wins?  
Here’s my perspective in a nutshell:  Average speed of a bullet fired from a 9mm is 955 mph. Average speeds of a police car running lights and sirens in a busy city is 85 mph at best. It only takes one bullet. Bad guys with guns trump the good guys without them. Bad guys with a plan win when the good guys don’t have one.
Stop blaming the laws, gun manufacturers, video games, and crazy people.   A person that makes the decision to kill another human being does so out of CHOICE.  The rest of us have the same access and exposure as the bad guys yet we choose to abide by the law.  If anything else, arm yourself with knowledge instead of spreading fear. 
And for the sake of We the People, STOP WASTING OUR MONEY!