Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I've Learned from My Two Year Old...This Week

As a parent I expect the unexpected with my boys. A ball stuck on the roof, broken vase/glass/or electronic that was an "accident", even a pre-teen meltdown. I've been through it once, what's a second time going to bring that I can't handle, right?

Most people cope well with chaos. It's the mayhem that keeps me on my toes. Mayhem being our two-year old son. He's full of imagination, a total ham, and loves to give hugs and kisses to his momma...and the dogs (the order varies!). Every day I learn something new, and often times have to clean up whatever lesson he left for me.

Here's some of those things:

1.) Spray starch (a whole spray bottle to be exact) makes a wood floor very slippery...until it dries and becomes one of the strongest adhesives known to man.

2.) Potty training consists of standing ON the toilet and aiming...for both #1 and #2.

3.) You can teach a new dog old tricks...with a twist:

4.) Spiderman doesn't "sit" in time out :
5.) When you hear, "Watch me, Mommy!" a first-aid kit should be close by as it usually involves a band aid, splint, or tourniquet afterwards:

6.) The "uh oh" you hear just before the toilet flushes means you're buying someone in the house a new tooth brush or he just gave one of the dogs a swirly.

7.) Handing a two-year old a water just plain dumb:

I cringe as I write this only because I know the silence in the background is not a good thing unless he's sleeping.