Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today's headlines that I actually bothered to open: Pirates Celebrate on Hijacked Ship. "A tense standoff at sea entered a sixth day Tuesday with U.S. warships and helicopters monitoring a cargo ship that's been hijacked by Somali pirates who want $20 million. The pirates said they were celebrating a Muslim feast aboard the Ukrainian-operated ship."

That's friggin' hysterical. It's like the teen movie version of Pirates of the Caribbean. "We are happy on the ship and we are celebrating Eid," pirate spokesman Sugule Ali told The Associated Press by satellite phone. Even funnier, they have a pirate spokesman. I want a pirate spokesman.

One of my current In The Works is titled A Pirate's Booty. This has given me the spark of inspiration I needed to get started on my 20 page goal this week. Yes, I know I write every night, but last night I had my first couple of chapters from my new critique partner to read. Sometimes writers need to read to remember why they're writing :o)

Cheers, Matey!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness and Mayhem

Well, it's official. We're going to hell in a hand basket and the liberators and vibrators on Capitol Hill are watching it crumble. Headlines on AOL today when I opened my mail: House Fails to Pass Huge Bailout Deal, with a multitude of follow up articles on the stock market melt down. What effect does this have on my middle class income?? Quite a bit considering my job is at stake, my 401K is dwindling, and my stocks are pretty much in crash and burn mode. How do we recover if the 'bipartisan-republican-democratic' house members refuse to get on board and come up with a plan TOGETHER that will work, or at least help the real people here in America? The one's who get up everyday to milk the cows, sow the oats, feed the bull kind of people that depend on their weekly paychecks. The single moms and dads that depend on job stability, the single and dual income families that depend on each other to make ends meet. Where's the plan for our kids when they will ultimately pay the price for our lack of action?

It's a tough situation at my job when we've cut everyone that was considered non-essential personnel. Now it's down to cutting the ones we can't afford to lose. This is madness and mayhem for many and I wish everyone out there that's working hard for their money and making less than what they owe the very best. Tough times call for discipline and unified efforts to make it better. I'm ready, are you?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today is Thursday, but not for me. That's right, fellow bloggers. Today is my FRIDAY! Not necessarily a good thing as far as work is concerned, but it's a nice long weekend to enjoy this fabulous weather we're having. Not to mention getting some writing done. I have my wonderful STAR meeting Saturday, also a good motivational boost to keep going on my current In The Works. I also have my oldest son's first Fall Ball game that morning (Go Ant!). Sunday, if all goes well and the hubster isn't working overtime, we'll be touring KSC for family day. It's free this weekend so if any of you get a chance to go, GO. The kids love it.

I'm going to read, write, and de-stress myself from work woes. Things will get better eventually...

Have a great weekend and keep the COSTUME IDEAS coming!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Costume Ideas

Okay my fellow bloggers/readers, it's that time of year again when the ghost, goblins, and ghouls come out to play. Every year a very dear friend has a Halloween themed-Texa's Hold'em-birthday party that requires everyone who plays to wear a costume. There is also a costume contest that everyone can vote in for their favorite. I didn't play cards last year, but this was my costume for the contest:

Mind you, I was 8 months pregnant and nothing else would fit. I won the costume contest and my hubster (the tall, pale and handsome guy next to me) won the tournament.

This year is a bit different. I'm not pregnant, I'm playing in the tournament, and I have no costume. I'm much smaller than last year, (but not small enough!) and can't come up with a single idea that could top the Magic Eight Ball. HELP!

Post your ideas and help me find the most original costume. In return, I'll hold a contest of my own with the new poll of the ideas posted and will give the winner a Spooktacular prize! The prize being a copy of the new Nora Roberts book 'Tribute' and a goody bag. So post your ideas and check out the poll to vote!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Does Today Mean To You?

September 11th is a reminder of the tragedy that struck our nation seven years ago. The threat of terrorism has loomed over us for decades, and will likely be attempted again by new fascist groups, Jihads, political idealists, and nimrods who want everyone to be just like them.

I remember that day. I was working my civilian job, fresh from the Corps, when it happened. A month later I received orders to report back to active duty and resume my MOS as a field radio operator. I left a 3 year old son and a husband that I had yet been able to marry because our love was forbidden in the service when we met. That's a love story for a later date. What really hit home for me is that my son knew there were bad men attacking us and knew I had to leave because of them. To this day I feel that moment is the reason he is so protective of me.

My point is, it affected everyone differently. Wounds heal, but scars stay as a reminder. Though I mourn the loss of loved ones and fear it will happen again in my children's lifetime, I know we will have better days ahead because of the men and women that wake up a million miles from home, eat cold meals if any at all, wear the same uniform day in and day out, maybe getting a call home once a week/month, knowing they may never make it home again, all to protect us and our great nation.

What really makes this day special are those who served, serve now, and will in the future. What really makes this day special is that our baby boy, Bam, is 9 months old today. What's really special is that our oldest son was worried he wouldn't be able to find something red, white, and blue to wear to acknowledge today (all on his own doing). What's really, really special is that I live in America and have the freedom to write about it.

Remember that little things sometimes make the biggest impact. Big things sometimes make the least noise and calls for moments of silence. What does this day mean to you?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Complaint Department

Today is a Monday-Monday. For some reason the men in my company feel the need to complain. To me. A lot! It's to the point that I started snapping back today as I am not the company complaint department. Everyone has a problem, but no has a solution. When I find 'no one' I'm kicking his @$$.

What does this have to do with my writing? It reminds me of why I need to keep submitting my work for publication. Knowing it takes a lot of writing and publishing to make enough money for sustainability, it would at least give me something to look forward to and daydream about while I listen to these whiners. I'm on the right track with my first one submitted. I'm printing the first chapter of another one for the STAR contest (DUE TODAY!). I've just got to make it through another day at work.

I hope your Monday is going better.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Page Count!

Okay fellow writers, it's page count time. I haven't been as aggressive with my writing this past month as usual, however, I am off to a great start for September! What I want to do is challenge you...yes, YOU, to set a page count goal and GO FOR IT! Mine will be week to week so check in when you poll the polls and leave a comment on your page count. As of today, not counting Monday since it was a holiday, I have 6 new pages. My goal this week is 20. That leaves me tonight through Saturday night; four writing days to reach that goal. Can I do it? I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...can you?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Poll

I've posted a new poll! So take your pick and post your reason for picking it. This will set the climax for one of my In The Works. I've been through all except a Snow Storm and can honestly say I'd pick one of the others instead of breaking that cherry. Poll away!