Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strike Three

Here's the last post in the three part blog from today...and it's not even 5:00!

Driving to the store hubs and I were discussing Halloween costume ideas. Every year a friend of ours has a birthday/poker/costume party as it falls right before Halloween. We all look forward to finding the most original costume for the contest as part of the buy in to play cards goes to the best costume. Not to mention the rules, in order to play cards you have to be wearing a costume.

I asked him, "What costume would you pick for me?"

He thinks for a minute then answers, "Frankenstein."

He could have said an angel or Greek goddess...

Strike Three.

Strike Two

Sitting at the table looking through the ads in the Sunday paper, I cam across one for Nutri System. Mind you I am now and will likely always be a big girl (I'm not talking fat, I'm talking Amazon-ish). I go through phases of gaining or losing 15 pounds, but the past year has been hard after having my little guy and trying to get back into a routine. He's 21 months and I gave myself to the 2 year mark to be back in my size 8's. I'm still a 12.

Hubs and I talked about going on this program before when we were both a bit larger, and we decided not to bother because of the cost and partially because in the back of our minds we knew what it took for us to drop the weight. I showed it to him and again he says, "I was thinking about doing that."

I replied, "It's as much to do this diet as it is our regular food bill. If anything it would be cheaper to buy groceries for the boys and the diet for us."

He says, "Oh, I wouldn't do it. I was talking about getting it for you."

Strike Two.

Strike One

This is a three part post today as hubs is on a roll. He is famous for sticking his foot in his mouth though his intentions are sincere.
He fell off the ladder last night in the garage trying to fix the overhead light. He bruised his toes pretty badly as he was wearing flip-flops. He was on the phone with his cousin, who is a Master Electrician, and wasn't much help when he fell as he was laughing too hard. Hubs yelled for me, but I was in the back of the house with our youngest giving him his bath. Woman's intuition, I knew he would get hurt doing that because he is (1) afraid of heights, and (2) NOT and electrician. Falling or electrocution was bound to happen.

This morning he is playing the sympathy card saying his foot hurts and can't do this or can't do that. Something that was closer for him to do than to call me from the other room kind of sympathy. Yeah. So when I give him 'the look' he says, and I quote: "What!? My foot hurts. I was trying to fix the light out there for you so you could do laundry".

Strike One.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mom Finger

It's been a long time since I literally laughed so hard that my drink squirted out of my nose. Last night at supper was one of those times. Just for a back story: I'm a mom to two boys (11 and 21 months); hubs and I met in the Marine Corps over 12 years ago and humorously find a new reason every day to appreciate our chaos; and I have two dogs, both males. I'm outnumbered! Also the disciplinarian--by nature, I was raised in a predominantly female home by a single mother--so my reputation with the family is not just Mom, but Yes Ma'am.

Last night was a prime example of my MOM rep. We were sitting at the table for supper, trying to enjoy a conversation with our 11 year old, when Bam (our 21 month old, appropriately named) kept throwing his food to the dogs...across the baby gate into the next room! We kept sitting him back in his chair, and he kept pitching his food and giving us the stink face. Finally I had enough, gave him a stare, snapped my finger and pointed at him to sit. He immediately put his head down and whimpered as if I had spanked him. My oldest across the table said, "Ohhhh, he knows the Mom Finger!"

Oh my God, he has a name for it! I was laughing so hard at his comment that I couldn't choke down my Diet Dr. Pepper in time before it shot back up my throat into my nose! My husband nearly fell out of his chair. It was funny. Perhaps a 'you had to be there moment' unless you are a mom and know exactly what I am talking about. And I know you do ;-)

Aptly named, The Mom Finger, I have decided to coin this phrase in honor of my preteen son who never ceases to make us smile/scratch our heads/understand why other species eat their young/and mostly love the moments like these.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some People

Avoiding the issue only gives it time to fester, so I am attacking it head popping a zit. The issue is some in people who have no clue, or DO and just doesn't care, what they look like going out in public. I'm not talking about no makeup, ponytail, flip flops and dark sunglasses kind of look. No. The look I am referring to can be found at; yes, it is an actual site.
My DH hits upon some pretty outlandish sites, but this one takes the cake in my book. It's not too racy (though parental guidance is advised when viewing in the company of children), but it does contain some pretty disturbing photos of what you may run in to (if you haven't already) at your local Wally World.

I recently viewed this site at a friends house the other night. We all sat around with our beer and wine laughing our butts off at the photos and declared a peopleofwalmart war. Basically whomever can get the best photo of the most outlandish Walmart dweller. In this day and age of technology it is fairly easy to do so with discretion. No need to go 'mission impossible' about this, although sneaking through the aisles as we stalk the latest fashion victim humming the tune to...oh God, now the tune is stuck in my head: dun nuh nuh, dun nuh nuh, dun na...nah nah nahhhhh nah nah nahhhhh na na. And now it's stuck in yours.

Sadly, I now check this site regularly to make sure I or someone I know is not on it! I declare this war, that has already begun, to run through to Halloween when the really good pictures are sure to pop up! Happy Hunting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cereal Killers

Oh the horror!!! I started my 'diet' this past Friday as experts say it is the best day to start a new eating program; something about making it through the first weekend is the hardest, blah, blah, blah. Mind you, I love my chocolate, so ANY diet I pursue must/will have chocolate included in my daily intake. I am good about small portions and drinking water (though alternate with Diet Dr. Pepper when my caffeine levels drop).

I don't live off of bread, or other easy carbs, but if I have them I keep it simple and try to eat more of my chicken/steak (insert meaty animal here). I love fish, but rarely enjoy it due to non-fish eaters in my house.

Breakfast is usually a quick-fix of coffee and whatever cereal I have handy, or I swing by my local Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and bagel. Well this morning threw me for a loop when I actually took the time to look at the side of the box on the cereals in my cupboard. The four choices were Raisin Nut Bran (RNB), Cookie Crisp, Special K w/berries, and Marshmallow Mateys (like Lucky Charms). I'm thinking the obvious choice would be Special K or RNB...obviously not.

To my surprise, and horror that I had been depriving myself of cookie or marshmallow flavored cereal every morning, the two "healthy" cereals weren't the lowest in calories or carbs. Here's how they compare:

Raisin Nut Bran - 220 calories w/skim milk, 4g protein, 38g carbs, 5g fiber

Cookie Crisp - 140 calories w/skim milk, 1g protein, 22g carbs, 1g fiber

Special K w/berries - 160 calories w/skim milk, 3g protein, 26g carbs, 1g fiber

Marshmallow Matey - 160 calories w/skim milk, 2g protein, 25g carbs, 1g fiber

The rest of the diet world may do this differently, but I count calories before anything else and so far the Cookie Crisp is winning me over. Then I look at the amount of protein and think, ‘hey, maybe the RNB isn’t so bad’ until I look back at the calories. Then the carbs…well that puts the RNB out; and the fiber is somewhat important although I don’t have a problem with irregularity. I was disappointed. Trying to eat right and what do the sneaky food companies do? Disguise the good stuff as kids’ cereal and give adults the bran crap that you have to eat with watered down milk and STILL isn’t as healthy as Cookie Crisp!

As you can see from the picture I opted for coffee and a bagel. If I’m going to be consuming 220 calories or more then it better be worth it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember

Normally I post on Thursdays as that is my work week Friday. I decided to wait until today to post in order to honor the fallen heroes from 9/11/01 who gave their lives to save others. To honor the men, women, and children who died that day as they went about their business in the towers, and waiting to return home or to their destinations on the planes that crashed. To honor the men and women who served, serve today, and will serve in the future to protect and defend America. God bless all of you.

In the recent months of our current administration there has been a great divide among parties, friends, co-workers, etc. on numerous issues. Previous administrations have endured similar scrutiny.

Regardless of party affiliation and personal beliefs, today is a day that needs to be remembered for the atrocities brought against our nation. The likes of which sit in history with the Oklahoma City bombings, the attack on the USS Cole, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is not our first rodeo, and will likely not be our last. The men and women serving our country face these horrors on a daily basis, most without the comfort of family and familiarity near by.

Looking back eight years ago I am thankful being here today with my boys. After the attacks numerous recently discharged soldiers were called back to active duty to fight in the war on terror. Finding words to explain to their children that they had to go away again, telling new jobs and new friends they had to leave, it was heart wrenching as much as it was an adrenaline rush to be able to do what you were trained to do. Some shipped overseas, others were sent to fill support positions of those that shipped overseas. All of them spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with strangers that soon became part of their military family, a bond that lasts a lifetime.

I’ve seen the camaraderie of our troops first hand and know the pride in protecting my country, my family, and my beliefs. I ask out of respect for those who serve overseas and here on the front lines that you take a moment to remember. Take a moment today to thank a veteran, a soldier, a policeman, a fireman, and God (insert you own belief) for being able to live in a free country. I thank God for the opportunities he has given me, for the family and friends that love a support me, and for all the things I have the freedom to complain about.

I’ll never forget.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Word(s) Count

In my journey to write a best seller, or even just a seller, I have found that it's as much about the number of words you can type as it is the quality of the words. My latest manuscript has relateable characters, a good confrontation, a plot "to die for", very good pacing (I've worked hard to get this), and it's loooooong. Seriously, I am just past the halfway point and already have 75k+ words. I figure my new goal (old one was 95k-ish) is 120k+. It's certainly doable.

The big issue for me is editing the current chapters in order to keep my momentum. I have easy conversations, sexy scenes, and need to find synonyms for some of the, crass words. It's important to keep the voice of the writing but quiet some of the tone; that makes sense in my head so just go with it.

Need is the mother of invention, as the old saying goes; however, in this instance words are the mother of a great book. Words count. They count in the use and format, and they count in the amount. I have to go make them count now as I have two contests to enter by week's end!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and Happy Writing!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hit 'Submit'

Today is my "submit" day. I have a completed manuscript, two contest entries, and a synopsis from hell entry. It's a good day to finish things up. Tomorrow/Saturday are the last chances to mail out your entries for Launching A Star.

If you have the first 25 pages of a great romance--single title/series contemporary/ fantasy/futuristic/young adult/novella/paranormal/inspirational/suspense that you would like to get feedback on, then you've got to enter LAS. It's a wonderful opportunity to be seen and 'heard'. Just click any of the links posted in this blog and you'll get all the details. Come know you're dying to see if you have what it takes to compete with moi!

Launching A Star