Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Hidden Jackalope

In February 2015, I stumbled upon the hobby of painting that has turned into a passion.  Painting almost every day since, some days for hours well past my bed time, I’ve improved with each piece of art.  There’s one thing that has remained consistent in my paintings since then that a few of you already know about: The Hidden Jackalope. 

The only painting where he’s in plain view is ‘Red Forest’.   

It was a joke with my city raised husband when we would visit my country raised family.  They lived far enough into the woods where they couldn’t get good cable or cell phone reception.  At night when a forest creature would run past us he would ask, “What was that?” to which I would reply, “Jackalope!”   

When my husband asked me what something was in one of my paintings that was my immediate reply.  Every painting since includes a hidden Jackalope.  If you look close enough, in the right light, or at an odd angle, and sometimes even where you look back to repeatedly, you may just see him.  If not, then ask someone who owns one of my paintings and they may be willing to help you find him. 

Happy hunting!