Thursday, June 25, 2009

Punishing a Character

Recent edits to my WIP included big changes to one of the characters. They either had to be killed or wooed to the dark side to make an integral conflict of the story work. Then out of the blue came the brilliant idea to make them alive or good again, but only after a severe loss or punishment.

Just FYI, this is a paranormal romance which makes bringing them back to life much easier. I opted for good guy/bad guy/good guy; mainly to keep the emotions of the heroine towards angry than sad.

Instead of bringing him to the good side with a loss I chose a severe punishment. He's an archangel with an attitude. The hero adjusted this guys attitude (don't want to give away too much) and now believes in him whole-hearted...because they find out they are brothers. The heroine doesn't know this so she remains leery of him up to the final conflict when he proves his loyalty and trust to her. There are BIG twists at the end that will please and tease.

Do you punish your characters? If so, how?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Launchpad STAR Newsletter is back! It's a bit different from previous issues as I am using new software, but it will be packed full of great articles...preferable some from our STARS!

I am taking submissions for the July newsletter starting today through 7/28/09. Submissions must come with permission to share content, a short bio of the author, and a picture and link to the author would be an added bonus.

Submit to: sissimclaughin(at)yahoo(.)com or leave me a message here. If you wish to sign up for the STAR newsletter you can shoot me an email with the subject line "STAR News", and you will be added to the mailing list.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Have Diva Balls

Got balls? I do. That's right, Diva Balls. I played with them for most of Saturday. I sunk them, I rolled them, I lobbed them, pitched them, and putted them. It was so much fun that I nearly forgot how hot it was on the course. What? I'm talking about golf balls people!

You see, today is mine and my hubster's 7th anniversary. Yes, we've been together for 12, but due to...powers that be, we were unable to marry right away. Blah, blah, blah. Long story short, my hubster loves to golf. He never goes because he feels bad for leaving me home with the boys while he's off playing. I don't understand this because I take off once a month for my writing group with no guilt whatsoever of leaving him with the boys.

My solution to his golf woes was to start going with him. I didn't think I would enjoy too much, and as I did the first time, then this time--on a full 18--I have become addicted. My hubster bought me clubs, the bag, the glove, the whole nine, and best of all...Diva balls. We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we golfed, talked, went out for dinner, went to see The Proposal, and for a moment we were reminded how awesome we are together. Then the babysitters left, Bam wouldn't go back to sleep, and morning rolled around faster than I wanted. Today we shared our anniversary and Father's Day with family. We caught a glimpse of our oldest child--then we blinked and he was gone again; swam at my SIL's house; ate some great food; ate some more great food; came home to relax which included me putting together our new lanai furniture by our pool in the blazing heat; then kicking back to enjoy a chilled glass of wine. One shower, a Diet Dr. Pepper, two bottles for Bam, and a sleeping child later, I am ready for bed myself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girl Fight!

I was never a huge fan of UFC and MMA, but would watch it if my other shows were not on. In the midst of re-run channel surfing I happened upon an MMA fight. Holy cow I was never so jealous of the adrenaline and physical endurance since I left the Marine Corps. I use to be fabulously fit and thin...even shortly after I was still very athletic in keeping my weight off and staying toned. Then life happened, someone else's life; some woman with a husband and two kids, bills, work, schooling, and everything else except physical training.

Yep, it got to me. So now I am an avid fan of the MMA/UFC fighting (what!? You thought I was going to say and avid workout/runner? Hah!). Especially with women such as Gina Carano and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos representing. Come August, this will be the highest profile woman’s fight in the sport’s history. Check it out! Girl Fight

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Burning Up

Today I am burning up the keyboard with writing. AD is coming along great and I have had some wonderful feedback. My goal count (pages) for today was 5, but I'm bumping it to ten. Watch out 'cause I am on fire!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Angel at Dusk

Here's a snippet from the beginning that is missing something. Suggestions welcome!

Chapter 2:

The red light flashing at the intersection gives her pause. The description she was given about this town was one horse, one red light. “Found the red light“, she thinks out loud. “Now where’s that horse?”

Sage feels the overwhelming urge to run the red light, but contains her impatience until it changes. The roads are dark, the houses are too far back to see any details, and the fog is starting to thicken. She hopes the next turn is not as obscure as the last. Moss covered tree limbs hang low over the road signs, and everything else.

Charming and quaint are the words her Aunt used to describe the old town. “Creepy and isolated come to mind,” she says. Out of the corner of her eye a flash of white swoops down from the overhanging trees startling Sage to slam on her brakes. Her fog lights flicker as a shadow passes in front of her car. Instinct kicks in. Reaching into her console she pulls out her stun gun. Never having used it before she fumbles with the switch looking to see if whatever it could be was approaching.

She sees the fog retracting, and the tree clad skyline seems to brighten a bit as moonlight slips through the limbs. Taking a deep breath, she shakes her head. Feeling foolish that she let herself get scared over what was probably an owl or some other night bird looking for food, she drops the stun gun onto the passenger seat and puts her car into drive.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changing Stories

I recently received word on my previous book that was entered into a contest last year. It didn't final, but apparently it caught the eye of one of the judges who thought it had some potential. Mind you I gave up on that story and continued work on my current WIP these past six months. This story is a completely different genre than the one they are requesting and I'm no where near the word count they require. I have been typing, editing, brainstorming, and re-typing for the past four days. I think my fingers are permanently cramped, back is sore, butt is expanding past my jean's maximum capacity, and my eyes are like lead weights with bags hanging from them.

How do all of my writing peers do it? How do you change in the middle of a current WIP to work on another; change from paranormal to romantic suspense; keep your sanity (and your butt size) in check while you do it?

Ugh, wish me luck. It's one step closer to my goal and I will reach it in 2009!