Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Two Favorite Men

No matter how much times have changed, when it comes to raising kids it still consists of a lot of patience, guidance, discipline, and always unconditional love.  Children grow up and go out into the world as blurred reflections of their parents.  If we're lucky they get the best of us.

I like to think I got the best of my dad and of my father-in-law, the Bobs.  You see, I was blessed with two great men, one who set the bar pretty high for my husband and the other who kept it there for his son to reach.  They were loving husbands, great dads, amazing friends, and mischievous grandpa's who had to be reminded often to behave when they were together.

This is my first father's day since my dad passed away last year. The first without being able to pick up the phone and tell him 'I love you'. It's one of many firsts we'll face without them both.  There are moments with my boys, especially with my husband, when something is said that reminds me of them.  It's slowly getting easier to talk about them without tears welling up in my eyes.

Today, I look at my husband who has kept up with me for fifteen adventurous years, called me his wife for nearly eleven of them, and helped me create two giant boys who have to endure our unconditional love and quest to embarrass them as they grow up.  My hope for them is that they appreciate their awesome dad as much as I appreciate mine.

To all the dads who work hard, love their families and make a difference for their kids, Happy Father's Day.