Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lou'siana Easter

Every holiday has it's traditions, and every culture adds their own touch.   Here's a glimpse at some of the Easter traditions us southern folk partake in that might be fun to add to your own celebration:

1. Egg Knocking-after the traditional egg hunt of decorated hard boiled eggs, you grab an egg as does your competitor and you take turns "knocking" or tapping them against the other to see whose egg cracks first.

2. Crawfish Boils-the ham and potato salad are nice additions to a feast for Easter Sunday, but leave room for the main course.  Crawfish boils kick off as soon as church service ends, AMEN.  The mud bugs are seasoned and served hot over a newspaper covered picnic table.  Reading the Sunday paper this time of year means moving a pound of crawfish over to see the comics or local ads.

3. Candy!-My favorite is the Elmer's Candy made in Ponchatula, La.  Heavenly Hash, an Elmer's Chocolate Easter Bunny, and Gold Brick Eggs are a must have. 

In the midst of all the fun, food, and festivities of the day remember the reason we are celebrating: Jesus.  Happy Easter and may you all have a blessed day!