Friday, December 2, 2011

No Peeking!

I have a blast Christmas shopping for the boys.  Even amongst the chaos and crowds, when I find that awesome gift for one of them it makes it worth it.  The hard part is when I get that awesome gift home and can't find a place to hide it!

With Bammers' birthday just before Christmas I have double duty of hide and "remember where the hell I put them".  The trouble with birthday Bam is that he's four this year and catching on to the hiding spots.  Boys are so sneaky! 

I tried the attic for some, but my oldest has been up and down from there helping us with Christmas decorations. 

I tried hiding some under our bed...Fat Dougie wasn't too happy with the bag handle and pulled it out. 

I tried hiding a couple in one of the NEVER USED CABINETS on the ginormous entertainment center.  Wouldn't you know, hubs needed a cable--some random object--that happened to be in there. 

So I've taken another rout this year.  I'm hiding them in plain sight!  Two gifts have been sitting out in the house for over a week now and the giftee has no clue!  For our teenager I'm pretty sure I can hide his on his bedroom floor since you never see it anyway.  I'm also thinking of hiding some in the dishwasher and behind the canned food and dry rice in the pantry.  NONE of the fellas in this house would ever look there!

And let's face it, if all else fails I'll just put them in the closet and stick this happy little guy in front of the door:

Happy Holiday Gift Hiding!