Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Next Round...

It's the first day of the new year and I'm a little saddened that it's over.  Christmas, that is.  I am sitting in my office / dining room looking around at the emptiness.  Just a few hours ago it was full of Christmas warmth.  The trees, yes multiple trees, are slowly being undecorated.  Nothing left but the lights.  A stack of bins sit near the garage door waiting to be stuffed back in the attic. 

There's only one Christmas item that stays out all year.  It started as a Christmas explosion one year before I had our second son.  A neat little wire reindeer was placed on the kitchen plant shelf above the island and forgotten.  At a mid-summer gathering a friend noticed it up there and we laughed.  Again a few months later it was brought up in conversation.  Then finally Christmas came around and we liked not having to climb up on a chair or ladder to get it.  So we left it.  Our Christmas Year Round Reindeer has been a part of our everyday lives for five years and counting. 

This year started off in the wee morning hours with friends and a hilarious game of Catch Phrase, a few hours sleep with a morning cup of Cappuccino (Large!), a stroll through the gun show with a few toys brought home, then an afternoon of cleaning and re-organizing. 

Not a bad to start the next round.  A tall glass of wine is now calling my name.  Cheers and Happy New Year!