Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chaos, Creation, Completion

In the midst of chaos creation is conceived.  Ideas abound.  Stories manifest. 

The past few months have certainly been chaotic.  The ideas and stories have manifested.  However, I am still in the mix of creation.  There seems to be a paradox of worlds in my two current WIPs.  Yes, I said two.  For some reason I have converted back to my horrible habit of writing two completely different manuscripts.  One is a paranormal thriller (The Meek), the other is a spicy 'bedtime' story for desperate housewives (Seconds).  I love the conflict in each, but find my characters are starting to parallel one another. 

In order to keep the momentum going I need to set one of them aside so I can get the other complete.  But which one? 

In the mean time I look forward to more months of chaos...I do believe I have found my muse :)