Sunday, August 21, 2016

Continued Help and Prayers

August 21st Update from Original Post :

The word is trickling out about the widespread damage in South Louisiana from severe flooding.  If you don't use social media you likely missed the breaking news about it.  A no-name storm dumped more than three feet of water over the past week which in turn overflowed the rivers and surrounding bodies of water.  The overflow then flooded entire parishes (counties to you non-native folks).  When I say flooded, I don't mean two or three inches over the roads.  It was so much water rushing through cities and residential areas that it looked like the Mississippi River took a detour at a rapid pace.

There's more to come, the rains continue, the hot and humid conditions after the rain worsen the growth of mold and mildew.  There's supplies flowing in from all over, however they run out quick.  If you remember the hurricanes we fared here in Florida, even as prepared as we were, there were still shortages.  Think of the things you needed then, the immediate necessities.

This is a list of some of the basic needs requested as the rescue and recovery efforts are underway:
  1. bottled water
  2. non-perishable foods
  3. toothbrushes
  4. toothpaste
  5. wet wipes
  6. deodorant
  7. soaps
  8. shampoos
  9. Feminine products 
  10. baby formula
  11. diapers
  12. pet foods (dry/canned! So many abandoned/lost) 
  13. cleaning supplies (MOLD KILLER, OdoBan, Lysol, dawn soap, etc)
  14. trash bags
  15. gloves
  16. dust masks
  17. plastic bins
  18. towels / wash cloths
  19. blankets
  20. pillows
Please also consider donating any professional services that will assist in the cleanup, temporary storage units, even temporary housing such as tents.  

I'm asking all of my local friends, coworkers, acquaintances, kindness of strangers, and anyone else they can share this with, to gather what they can for donations of the above items.  If you're nearby or on the way, feel free to contact me and I'll make arrangements to have the items picked up.

The truck is being loaded on the 31st, I'm leaving in the wee hours of the morning from Central Florida on September 1st.  

Contact info is below, but here it is again:  to Sissi M. for information/questions/and drop off locations.

I'm not accepting monetary donations.  If you wish to donate funds you can go to any of the main Second Harvest Food Bank or United Way websites, though most of this gets filtered into a general account that won't directly affect the Louisiana Flood Relief.  Here's some Louisiana local organization branches you can check out:

Donations can be made at any First Guaranty Bank location and Reference Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy Relief Fund.

Checks can also be mailed to:
LPSO Deputy Relief Fund
PO Box 1515
Livingston, LA 70754

Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Denham Springs Animal Shelter

Items to donate are not limited to the above list.  Those are just the immediate needs.  YES old towels/wash cloths are welcome, YES old blankets/pillows are welcome, YES clothes are welcome. These items need to be clean as they will be going directly to the shelters and communities in need--there's no place for many of these folks to bathe, let alone wash clothes.  A roll of paper towels and a half empty bottle of cleaner from under your sink is just as needed and appreciated as any new items.  Please don't feel you have to buy anything to donate.

Please remember our fellow first responders in these flooded areas have also lost everything, even work gear.  If there's any law enforcement/fire fighter/EMS/support personnel who wish to donate gear I'll make direct contact with the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office and Fire Departments to have it distributed.  They continue to work around the clock in less than human conditions.

P.S. ...anybody know where I can get a fire truck?  One of the fire stations was a complete loss. Figured it can't hurt to ask!

God bless all of you and thank you for your continued prayers.  

Contact Sissi M.:  for information/questions/and drop off locations.  

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