Thursday, August 7, 2008

Romancing The Gnome

I had a very strange dream last night about my garden gnome. I only have one, his name is Dante (after the Italian poet), and he's a prankster. I've wanted to add other gnomes to keep him company, but I haven't been able to find any with his charm and personality.

So my dream started out with me in the garden, planting a new mini-bird of paradise and some cladiums. Dante saunters over asking me if I could find him a female companion because he is lonely. I of course am dumbfounded that my garden gnome is even talking to me, but nonetheless I agree to help find him a mate.

In the rest of the dream I am basically presenting female gnome after female gnome to him as if I were a Madame in the Fantasy world of Gnomeville. It was hysterical as I pranced them on stage in beauty pageant style and he, Dante, scored them from 1-10 as if judging for a crown.

I never finished the dream as I woke up to my little guy cooing an laughing, ready to start his day. I dismissed the whole dream until I received an email offer from the same place I bought Dante. Coincidence? De ja vu? Who knows. In any case I am going to buy Dante a female companion so he can romance himself a gnome.

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