Friday, August 29, 2008

One Decade Ago

August 30th, 1998, at 11:52 A.M. on a bright Sunday morning baby Anthony was born. I was a 20 year old, active duty Marine, 1000 miles from family. My now husband--then NCO, and complete 'no no' relationship--was on his way back from Korea, or Guam, or some other third world country that we were often sent to for support. He missed the birth by one day.

I was so happy when I held my son that all the fears and worries washed away with the tears of joy I cried. After nine months of running and still gaining weight, wearing a GP tent, and trying to live a double standard to prove I belonged, I finally found my purpose in life. Being a Mom. I have to tell you that being a Mom vs. being a Marine...the Corps is a breeze compared to this.

Yes, I became a wife--which I live my romance and happy ending every day--and I work a full time job, and write, and did the college degree, the worldly travels, saved a squirrel, and so many other 'once in a life time' opportunities. Becoming a mom tops all of those things. Even now, ten years later with the hormones raging, the school dramas, the worry as he's off with friends, or even while he sleeps at night and I still peek in to make sure he's okay.

One decade ago I started the rest of my life. One decade ago I was able to see my future. It has led me to this place called motherhood. Though not always glamorous, it is what we make it. I've had so much fun that now I have two boys to cherish. Here's to my first baby, Happy Birthday Ant. I love you.

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crystal said...

That was so sweet! I think I'm gonna cry!