Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can't decide!

I have less than a month...29 days to be exact, to submit the first 25 pages of my manuscript. The only problem with this is that I have more than one! I've narrowed it down to three, and two of them are the same category so I really only can enter two of them, but I can't decide. I have the newest title, "A Pirate's Booty" that I'm really excited about, but then I have "Back Home" and "Between A Rock And A Hard Place" that I have to choose between. I'm doomed! I do this to myself every time and end up missing out on a wonderful opportunity because I'm afraid they will hate my work! I know, I have to try or I'll never know how good I am, but it's really hard to let someone else critique my writing. The very passion of my existence is within the pages of my work and I'm afraid if they find it dull or incomplete then it means I'm dull and incomplete. On the other hand, what if they do like it and I have to produce more of my work? I'm not only afraid of failure, I'm also afraid of success because then I have to exceed my own standards. I can't decide!


Laura said...

OK, I read em both and I like em both. I'll be interested to hear what they say about them. I also would be interested to know more of the stories! With that said, I think the Back Home story might be a bit more compelling from the short excerpt posted. Just my unprofessional opinion!! Although the Pirates Booty sounds pretty good too! (I just LOVE Johnny Depp--hehehe) Good Luck!!

Dana said...

I really like "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" the best. The action gets going right from the get-go. I'm looking forward to what will happen between Skyla and Monty. The beach setting is also appealing to me. I was able to visulize everything perfectly. You're going to do great!