Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why are you talking to me?

Ever meet a person that finds out something about you and assumes that's the only thing you do? I know one of those people. This person is a coworker who comes to my door every day at work, and I mean EVERY DAY, with a new quote, bumper sticker, joke, story, or picture about the military. Yes, I served in the Marine Corps. Yes, I'm very proud of my time on active duty. Yes, I enjoy the occasional chat about the military. But don't assume that I care to share personal details of that time, especially if I don't tell you about my current personal life! The absolute worst thing this person has asked, and he's not the only idiot to ask,is whether or not I've ever shot someone.

My first reaction was, "Ever heard of friendly fire?" I thought better of it, and replied, "I'm not at liberty to answer that question." The real answer? How the hell should I know?! I was a radio operator. Any one of those coordinates I called in could have been for the demise of an enemy. Do I care? I care enough not to think about it. I have a family and life as a civilian for a reason. That should be answer enough.

On a side note: technically I have 'shot' someone, just not in the service and it wasn't fatal. My brother, God love him, was the type of boy that loved all kinds of weapons growing up. He had an arsenal of BB Guns, knives, throwing stars, you name it. One day we were rough-housing with my sister, and I grabbed the BB gun from him as she put him in a head lock. He and I were usually the close ones, but that day he had made me mad so I enlisted the help of my older sister. He laughed saying the safety was on so I pulled the trigger. The safety was not on, and the BB hit him smack dab in the middle of his forehead! Ha! Okay, it wasn't funny at the time, especially when our mom came home and got after us with the belt (yes, were disciplined as children unlike today's brats). It's funny as hell now when we all get together and joke about our childhood adventures. So in future conversations with people who are dumb enough to ask such a question...my answer will be yes. Yes I have shot someone. With that answer I shouldn't have to elaborate.

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Laura said...

LOL, not too many people can say they shot their brother in the head. I can only go so far as to say I slapped mine hard enough to make him fall down and stay down screaming for 15 minutes. In my defense, he had been attacking and punching me. I only hit him once. Wanna guess who got in trouble for that one??