Friday, June 13, 2008

That's creepy!

As if the heebiejeebies from a stranger weren't enough! So here I am at work, in my office, speaking with a coworker with whom I actually enjoy, when one of the freaks that I don't get along with comes up and asks if he can take my picture. Now mind you, the question of getting a new work camera came up earlier this week. It was a matter of buying a new one and I'm the buyer for the company. So my response, "Um....NO!". His reply, "I knew you would say no." Then why did you ask me, dipshit?! This is the really creepy was his personal camera! Now I really need to go home and scrub myself with a wire brush! What am I, a magnet for douche bags? I need a concealed weapon. This is just getting uncomfortable.

1 comment:

Laura said...

OK, that's just freaky weird. What's he gonna do with that picture when he gets home with it? Ew...the thoughts...RUN!!!