Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Explosion

It's that know, the one where you crawl into the attic or back of your closet to pull out the decorations. Each year we seem to add to our Christmas collection with ribbons, lights, and ornaments. This year we are adding three more trees. Yes, you read that right, THREE more trees.

We have a 12' tree that I am usually in charge of erecting and decorating every year, and now we have two 6' trees and a 3' tree to add to the forest. We decided to start a new family tradition of each having a tree to decorate in a theme that reflects us, our likes, and our family. Over the next umpteen years we will add more ribbons, lights, and ornaments to each tree and when the boys are married and starting their own families they will take their trees for their "first" Christmas...away from home *sniff*.

It's a silly gesture perhaps, but its a way of keeping something from their past and adding to their future; keeping a piece of holiday from home to add to their own traditions.

By the time I am finished decorating while my Mom is in town it will look as if Christmas has exploded in our home. We will not be here for Christmas day itself, but get to enjoy it until them and for a few days after when we return to celebrate with Hubs' family.

What is he off doing while I'm setting the Christmas mood? Shopping of course ;-)

What different traditions do you have for this time of year?


Kristen Painter said...

Wait. You have how many trees? You may want to get yourself checked out...

Erin said...

that's a lot of trees, but sounds like a very cute Christmas idea!