Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Politics Baby!

Yes, I know, it's never a good idea to tackle politics or religion on a public platform. However, lately I've been more aware of my elected officials (on ALL sides) and the really dumb decisions they make.

I'm not going to get into the heavy hitting stuff of the White House on here, nor attack a particular party as I am not one to start a shouting match (no really, I just don't back down from it). I do however want to ask the viewing audience what they think on the following:

(1) Fort Hood Tragedy and Government's response

(2) Navy Seals being charged for giving terrorist a fat lip

(3) Terrorist trials being held in NY

(4) Seattle cop shooting

(5) Gitmo detainees being brought to the US

You don't have to take on all five, but I'm really curious to see the different views on these. My biggest issue with all of them is the ties they have to our elected officials. We vote for them because they promise to represent us and our beliefs. This has not been happening for some time now.

I'm frustrated, disappointed, and to the point of running for any elected office just to try and make a difference with a louder voice. Being one of We The People lately makes me feel ignored and and left in isolation when it comes to the decisions of this country, the decisions that are really up to us.

There's no crying in blogging so any attacks on other responders needs to be tasteful, or you better be able to take what you dish ;-) So let's hear it, what do you think?

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melissa said...

thank you for putting in ink exactly what i was thinking!
let's see...
1. fort hood: another example of us trying to be a "kindler, gentler country"... obviously, a bad idea.
2. navy seals: this is an absolute disgrace that these men who give their lives to keep us free even have to deal with this mess. does any one not remember what happens when they catch us?
3. trials in ny: again... kindler and gentler... gee, let's give them a world stage now to spew their anti us hatred and radical messages... bright one!
4. seattle cops: obviously, should have never been pardoned. i think the pardoning thing should not happen to begin with... they are there for a reason.
5. gitmo: stupid, stupid, stupid!