Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Friend Post

TGIF! And today I have my friend, Brandy, as my Friday Friend!

1. Your name/nickname and how you got it.
Brandy Lea Lossett Jackson, nicknames are mom, mommy, bitch and the devil :) I don't know where Brandy came from but Lea is from my grandmother on my father’s side. Jackson, well I picked that name up when I married the love of my life. And those who know me, well they can contest to the bitch side of me and Trey says all women are the devil...Oh and I almost forgot...Brakeless Brandy!!! Well I hung around this girl in high school named Sissi (Name dropper!). Her nickname was Crash Buckley due to ALL the wrecks she some how ended up in. Then one day, I get in a wreck myself due to my brakes going out and Brakeless Brandy started. I wish I still had my jersey. Sissi do you? I sure do. I put it away, far away, with other things from my past that I never need to explain to my boys ;-)

2. Where are you from?
I live in Watson Louisiana. I am originally from Baton Rouge, LA and moved to
Denham Springs when I was 17. When I "ran off" and got married after high school, I lived in Cheyenne, WY. Boy, I will NEVER live somewhere again where it snows that much!!! We moved back to Louisiana a couple years later where we bought a house in Watson. Never in a million years did I want to live that "far" out but now, I wouldn't live anywhere else! I never thought I would miss living in a small town until I traveled the world and realized there is no place like home...I still never moved back! LOL! Although I would prefer back home to any place cold.

3. Married? Describe how you met and how he proposed.
I have been married for 13 years. I actually meet Trey at daycare when we were lil tots! We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school for a couple of years. Our first date was for his senior prom. I was a sophomore at that time and actually ended up with my friends that night and not him. I was so not interested! Well he enlisted in the Air Force and moved to Cheyenne. It was then that over a year of many phone calls and hand written letters that our friendship grew into so much more. He proposed to me my senior prom night on the tailgate of his truck and put the ring on the wrong hand and I have been his ever since. So romantic huh? Yeah, he's a pretty good catch and spoils you rotten ;-)

4. Kids?
I have one daughter, Gracie. She is the best thing I have ever done! After 6.5 years of fertility and 2 miscarriages, the Lord brought her to us. She makes my world go round.
She is such the lil drama queen. Just a word to those who have no kids yet, yeah well when your mom wishes kids on you that are 2x's as bad as you, you actually get it x's 10. Being an only child means two words: SPOILED ROTTEN! I have a couple like that...I blame their father!

5. Favorites:

Beverage/Food- Diet Coke & Spaghetti
TV Show- Greys Anatomy... McDreamy need I say any more Mmmm, McDreamy!
Music- Old Country would probably be my favorite
Actor/Actress- Reese Whitherspoon & Vince Vaughn
Quote or saying- Always make sure you have on clean panties (What my mother use to tell me) And with our driving that proved to be invaluable advice!
Time of day- I am so NOT a morning person. I am a night owl. Some things never change ;-)

6. Worst fear? Why?
Worst fear would be something happening to my family. Treys a fireman so I worry about him at work all the time, and as a mother I worry about my child day and night! AMEN!

7. What is one dream you'd like to make come true?
My biggest dream is not a realistic one. It would be to have my mother back. Even though she is at home with our Lord, she was taken away from us to soon. Loosing my mom when I was 28, her 49 and Gracie 1.5 was by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Being a first time mom and not having your mother to turn to has been one of my biggest obstacles. Your mom is looking over you beaming with pride at what a wonderful mom you are. I know I'm proud of you!

8. If you won the lotto of $1 million what would you do?
I would pay off my current house. Build a new one (not a big one though). Buy me and Trey both new cars. Make sure Gracie’s college would be paid for and put the rest in the bank. Nothing exciting. In these economic times paying off anything is pretty darn exciting!

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a pediatrician. Well yeah that didn't happen, but my life is the way it should be. Yeah, my dream of becoming a vet came true. Though I was meant to be a Veterinarian, not a military veteran...just as good ;-) LOL!

10. Any regrets?
No regrets. Just lessons learned. Well put!

BONUS: How did we meet and fondest memory of us?
We meet in high school 14-15 years ago… man we are getting old, Sissi PFFFLT! I have such a bad memory. But I remember the days we skipped school; I remember sleeping and messing around in that music class we had first hour *our teacher loved us, we both got A's; I remember your big party where people whom we didn't like where riding up and down the road hollering at us *jealous beotches; I remember hanging out at Dodge City while you where at work *sniff* Doc was the best and toughest boss I ever had, may he rest in peace; I remember we got into a huge fight, but cant remember why *you "ran away" and didn't like my advice...which you ended up taking anyway. Other than that I don't remember; I remember "running away" to your house *I forgot what we told my mom that kept her from calling yours...; I remember your dad and mom’s bad ass old car *the old mobster car and '29 Mercedes...oh yeah. But most of all, I remember how much you meant to me; that you were and still are one of my oldest, closet friends that I could always count on *that's why we are called 'friends'. You'd do the same for me ;-)

There she is ladies and gents, Brandy Lea; who also happens to have the same name as my big sister, except the middle names are spelled different. That's the conversation that started our friendship. It's he small things can make the biggest impact. Brandy and I have definitely made an impact!

Happy Friday!


Beth Duhon said...

2 of the best friends a girl could ask for!!

Holly said...

What a fun post. Great idea to have your friend "interviewed"


PS-there is something for you on my blog.