Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sissi's Costume Ideas: first 20

As promised, here is a list of twenty costume ideas I have yet to find on any costume site. I have three or four faves that I need to choose from for the Texas Hold'em Massacre. Take a gander at them and vote on what you like:
  1. Roasted Marshmallow: Big white t-shirt, stuff it with pillows or foam fabric, spray paint brown/black flame marks on it, wear brown tights; you can also use a wooden dowel or real stick to put in the back.
  2. Jail Bait: jail house stripes (dress/shirt & pants) and fish hooks/etc. on a fishing hat.
  3. Calendar Girl: Get a calendar and pin the different months all over a shirt and pants.
  4. English muffin: Wear a size too small jeans so you have a muffin top, get a plain t-shirt and use a paint pen to color a British flag on it, and talk with a British accent. :-)
  5. Party Animal: any dog/cat/bear/etc. mask, a toga, a beer mug.
  6. Hula Chic: wear a grass skirt and lei with a hula hoop around you
  7. Beewitched: (duh) bee costume with a witch hat.
  8. Physical: (ode to Olivia Newton John) leotard with leg warmers, belted waist, and 80’s hair with head band.
  9. Diet Dr. Pepper: scrubs, face mask, slim fast (any diet bar) pinned to scrubs, chili peppers (necklace/or pinned to scrubs), optional stethoscope (did this one in 2006)
  10. Afro-American: Afro wig with Indian costume (did this one in 2008)
  11. Archangel: angel costume with golden arches (McDonald’s anything)
  12. Fallen/Broken Angel: angel wings, bandages/crutches/brace/etc.
  13. Blackberry: wear all black, use any type of plastic berries (paint them black) and hang on costume or as necklace, use pipe cleaners to make antenna for head.
  14. Redheaded Step-child: (for Rayna) red wig, plastic step stool to carry/hang, and a pacifier.
  15. Ying Yang (couples idea): one wears black sheet with white dot painted on it, the other a white sheet with a black dot. (Did this for Bobbie and Erin one year!)
  16. Faux Pas: Any sweatshirt/t-shirt will do, just add fake fur in the shape of a paw (get it, paw/pas…)
  17. Teepee’d: Wrap yourself in toilet paper, add face paint like a Native American and a feather headband for comical accessories.
  18. “Yoga”: dress in yoga gear with a Yoda mask (this was funnier when I first thought of it).
  19. Voodoo Doll: wrap up in a sheet/toilet paper/ace bandages, and then stick Styrofoam balls with pipe cleaners to look like large pins; Use face paint for effect. You can draw a heart on the chest and label other body parts to stick.
  20. Fat Tuesday: Instead of Wednesday Adams…wear a Goth outfit with the dark makeup, a black Mardi Gras mask, and stuff it for padding unless your like me and can pull it off as pleasantly plump :-)

Last year's winner was the hostess with an awesome Smurfette costume (blue from head to toe!), and in 2007 I was conveniently eight months pregnant, taking the title for a last chance to pull this costume off: Magic 8 Ball

Top hat and accessories $7, Paint for belly, $2, eight months pregnant to pull it off...lifetime of trying to out do this blasted costume!


kyslp said...

You are awesome! They are all good. I like 4, 9, and 13 the best.

You won't be too mad if I do one of these will you? (It's not like we will be at the same party.) I'll even send you a pic. (You should have everyone do that if they steal!)

btw, The 8 ball is going to be very hard to top!

Sissi said...

Be my guest! I'd love to get pictures to post for a Halloween theme blog :-) I'll post more as I think of them and would like readers to post their own ideas so I can link them for everyone to to view.

Kristen Painter said...

I'm not afraid to say you scare me a little. In a good way. The 8 ball RULES.

Charisse and Holly said...

I missed you all week after that 3 strikes post...I was jazzed to see you had something new up. Yippee. Ok, I was a cowgirl for like 8 years in a people like you floor me! SO CREATIVE!! Like everyone said, 8ball was genius, and you had the hips to pull it off too. They would have turned their eyes away to avoid the heavy purple stretch marks if it had been me. The marshmallow was great, faux pas, and because I'm old I just forgot the other one I loved...shoot let me look again.

Charisse and Holly said...

Oh yeah...English Muffin is fabulous. Yes...go with english Muffin! Holly at

Erin M. said...

I could totally pull off the English Muffin one. Yay for muffin tops! lol.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of your belly for the 8 ball. Too cute!

Holly said...

Those are great ideas. You are so clever...and creative. I always have trouble with costume ideas for adults. An inspiration for coming up with my own.
Holly @ 504 Main