Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween's not over yet?

Every year we attend a friend's birthday bash that is aptly titled 'Texas Hold'em Massacre'. We play cards, drink and eat great food, enjoy the company of great friends, and best of all we dress up. It always falls the weekend before Halloween so after the preparation and anxiously waiting for the party we tend to forget that Halloween is still a week away!

A great Saturday of writing with my STARs at our annual retreat, the birthday bash that night, and day of recovery on Sunday, I realized today that I have yet to buy candy/goodies for this coming Saturday! *sigh* Are you sure Halloween's not over yet? I mean, there's Christmas decorations up already.

Today I got a little frustrated trudging to the store to buy candy. The small bags of the good stuff (M&Ms, Snickers, Reese's, etc.) were $2.50...SMALL is an understatement! The large bags were nearly $10 for roughly 40 pieces! Come on! Kids grab HANDFULS of candy, not one or two!

I was tempted to try the Dollar Tree to see if they might have the chintzy toys to add to the bowl. Instead I came home and got on here to rant. The price of holidays are too high. Everyday living has gotten too expensive. To add extra costs to our already tight budget for candy and toys that will end up getting thrown away in a few weeks is making me pull my hair out from the huge wast of time and money. I use to enjoy holidays, but I'm really becoming a Humbug.

Any ideas on inexpensive yet worthwhile Halloween treats is greatly appreciated! Mind you I work full-time, school for me and my boys, and have roughly 5 days. Any ideas???
Oh, and because I promised, here's a couple of pictures from the party:

And yes, my gay biker husband, a.k.a Sweet Cheeks, won the costume contest as well as the poker tourney ;-) How we're going to top this next year I have not idea.


Liz in Virginia said...

Halloween candy -- that's the scariest thing about the holiday!

I have found that the price of candy at a wholesale club (BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club) is a little better than in a "regular" store. But you're right! It's outrageous.

Love your costumes -- very fetching!

I found your blog on LifeLaughLatte.

Come on by my place!
Liz @

kys said...

Love your costumes! Sweet cheeks, huh? Too funny! I have no advice on cheap Halloween treats. It wouldn't hurt to try the Dollar Tree. They might not have too much left this late though. They've probably moved past Christmas and are on Easter.

Kristen Painter said...

I thought the candy was wicked expensive too! I haven't bought any yet either. Buy it too early and Hotrod eats it all.

Holly said...

I am a humbug too, so not much real advice on cheap treats.I had stickers once (those aren't cheap either) and many kids actually took the stickers. I wish I lived in a world where I could make popcorn balls and hand them out (I think that's cheap) but alas if it is not triple sealed it gets tossed.

I tired to buy candy for a b'day pinata at the dollar tree and my hubby freaked out on me. Oh wait they have pixie sticks...that is a lot of bang for the buck there!

Love the costumes. Looks like fun.


PS I am following now...I thought I already was..sorry!

Charisse and Holly said...

I can't believe he agreed to that. What a sport! Now I love him too! Ideas for cheap on a busy street like we do, turn out the lights, and go somewhere else to trick or treat:) Thanks for visiting us today. Happy Tuesday! Holly at