Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Wives Tales

In modern society we may take for granted the old wives tales we hear. They are just sayings, right?

I have to admit, I'm a bit superstitious when it comes to some of them. For example, yesterday my right hand was itching. I told hubs and like a true man he replied, "Then scratch it." He gave me the 'you silly hick' look when I told him I couldn't. He knew what was coming; another southern saying that only us folks from the deep south understand.

The old wives tale about your hands itching goes something like this:

If the palm of your right hand is itchy, money will be coming your way. But, if you scratch the right hand while it is itchy, it’ll keep the money from coming.

If the left hand is itchy, you will be paying money to someone, and you should scratch away to do away with the payments.
Well, not to gloat (I'm gloating, gloating, gloating), but my right palm was itching last night. I explained the 'silly superstition' to hubs; endured his guffaws and disbelief. Not twenty minutes later, as I ran to the store to pick up a few things I also brought in our lotto tickets from the weekend before. Yep, I won $24.50! Not exactly the jackpot, but significant enough to prove my 'silly hick' point.

This sparked my curiosity at other old wives tales. There are quite a few that I've heard growing up. There are even more that I've never heard of until surfing the web last night. Here are some I found interesting and links following to take to you the longest flippin web domain I've ever seen! Check it out:


If you do not wish your soul to escape while sneezing you should place your hand over your mouth.

Be sure that someone says “God Bless you” when you sneeze to drive the devil away or he may enter your body.

Here are the old wives tales for every day of the week and the meaning of your sneeze:

  • Monday means danger.
  • Tuesday means you will kiss a stranger
  • Wednesday means you will receive a letter
  • Thursday means something better is coming
  • Friday means sorrow.
  • Saturday means you will see your love tomorrow.
  • Sunday means that the devil will be in control over you all week long.

Even how many times you sneeze in a row has meaning:

  • Sneeze once for sorrow.
  • Sneeze twice for joy.
  • Sneeze three times for a letter.
  • Sneeze four times for a boy.
  • Sneeze five times for silver.
  • Sneeze six times for gold.
  • Sneeze seven times for a secret that will never be told.

The old wives tale says that you should not tattoo the name of your lover on your skin, or the relationship is destined to fail.

DROPPING SILVERWARE: If you drop a spoon, a baby is coming/someone in your family is going to have a baby.

If you drop a fork, a woman is coming. When you drop a fork that means that a woman is coming to your door. It could be a friend, a family member, or even just a delivery person.

If you drop a knife, a man is coming. This is the same as for dropping a fork only it will be a man.

MONEY: If you always pick up burnt matches instead of leaving them laying you will find money.
When you peel onions, burn them and you will never by empty handed.

At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, while holding money in one hand, kneel and pray and you will have money the remaining of the year.

If you see a shooting star, say money, money, money and you will soon receive money.

If you see bubbles in the rain, you will receive a lot of money.

Wrap a penny in paper and carry it with you this will make sure you never go broke.

If you make money on Monday, keep it and the amount will increase during the remainder of the week.

Here's a couple of websites that have many more:

Old Wives Tales site 1

Old Wives Tales site 2

Old Wives Tales site 3

What are some old wives tales you've heard and/or believe?


Charisse and Holly said...

Sneezing twice...ahhhchoo, ahhhchoo! Wow, I feel more joyful already. Have a great day, come by when you get a chance. Holly at

kys said...

If you drop a dishtowel, someone is coming to your house. And their house is dirtier than yours.

If you dream of a death, you'll hear of a birth. (and vice versa)

I'm full of them but my brain has powered down for the night.

Holly said...

I love that. Never heard of some of those. I will have to check out the other sites too.

Kristen Painter said...

I almost always sneeze twice and when my husband sneezes, our black cat Scooter always chirps at him - not when I sneeze tho.

Charisse and Holly said...

Come by our place for Awards Sunday...some bling for your blog. Love your gal pals at

I Wonder Wye said...

I'm pretty sure the tattoo saying is right, I mean, it certainly seems that way, as attested by all the celebrities who are now stuck with trying to find creative ways to turn their former flames' names into other names or words on their body~! I get a kick out of the xxx forever, who then must ink it out or cover it up when xxx runs off within six months of the relationship.....Never have put much stock in those wives tales.....growing up in AR, I have heard a few!