Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Costume Ideas

The more I ponder a costume the more I come up with to choose from! Here are a few more ideas that can be added to the list:
  1. Fat B***ard and Skinny B**ch (couples): either the guy or girl wears the blow up suit (like the sumo wrestler costume) with a kilt--this costume is available online and hilarious--and the other wears a tighter version of a kilt and Scottish accessories.
  2. Bed of Roses: attach fake roses all over a bed sheet, drape it around you like a toga, carry or attach a small pillow to the costume.
  3. Goldie Locks: wear all black, get the little gold locks and hang all over the outfit; a blond wig may help with hinting at what you are dressed as.
  4. Book Worm: use two or three sheets of poster board to fold in half (like a book--be really creative and write on it or paste magazine pages), wear a solid color as to not distract from the 'book', wear big fake reading glasses.
  5. Invisible Woman: (very easy) buy a sheet of cammie netting; when people ask what you are dressed as, wrap it around you so they can't see you.

Still waiting on suggestions! Happy Halloween Costume Hunting!


kyslp said...

You're killing me with your genius! This list is great, too. I love the Bed Of Roses.

Sissi said...

This one is winning the popular vote with family too =)