Monday, December 15, 2008

Underdressed...Under Duress

This past Saturday night I atteneded a Christmas party with one of my girlfriends while the hubster hung out with her's and the all the kids. Mind you, we were only going out for a couple of hours to show face and say grace. We' were dressed somewhat nice as dark jeans, a nice shirt, and a snazzy scarf did it for me. I even wore 3" heel boots to make it a bit fancy. My friend wore black jeans, a frilly turquoise shirt, and black heels. Perfect outfits for going out.

Or so we thought! Arriving at the party we (1) almost knocked on the wrong door, (2) are carrying in a six pack each of berry flavored Smirnoff Ice and Hard Lemonade (real classy), and (3) were severely under dressed!

The hostess greeted us at the door wearing a floor length red sequined ball gown. We walked further into the home where everyone gathered around hor devours and wine...dressed in gowns! The men wore slacks, button downs with argyle sweaters or blazers, and ties!

The snazziest thing I wore was my purse that ended up in the spare bedroom with everyone else's coats and purses. The food was catered, the music was a DJ, and the atmosphere was high class. Short of running out of the house we ended up by the pool, I smoked a few, we downed a few drinks, and had a few Jello shots to shake off the embarrassment, no, anxiety perhaps.

The people were very kind, and not too many looks and whispers were directed our way. The time of night came when everyone headed indoors for the gift exchange...damn! We didn't bring gifts either. Our exit was only a screen door away. My girlfriend gathered the last couple of drinks as I tried to distract the stragglers and the DJ. They knew something was up, but at the first opportunity we bolted out the side door and ran to her car.

After a run in with the Sheriff, a few missed turns, and a few 80's songs, we made it back to her house. We ended up playing the Wii (bowling) and finishing off the beers with cookie dough and baked cookies. As for the under dressed part...well, there's always next year. We're already planning on buying our gowns when prom rolls around!


Marty said...

Dang, you know with that title I would hightail it right over... funny - funny story. ;D

Laura said...

Well, you know, since there was alcohol involved, just be grateful that underdressed did not = naked!

Kristen Painter said...

That's crazy!! But funny. lol

Super Mom said...

Oh, I am so sorry, that really sucks. I have done that, gone out with a group of friends, thinking I look pretty damn good, only to realize everyone else is all dressed up like it's homecoming. Blah.

At least you had a friend there that you could cower with!!! :) Sounds like other than the clothes part, it was a pretty fun time though!!!


Sissi said...

Marty, that's the hook to keep you reading :o)

Laura, you would've been right there with me!

Kristen, don't pretend you've never been to parties like that! Then again you are always wearing sparklies:o)

SM, I make the best of every situation and usually work it to my advantage; hence the free hair cut and color I'm getting tonight after meeting the owner of the shop at that party!