Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do or Diet

I can't believe I'm posting this after I just posted the infamous banana pudding recipe! I'm going on a diet. It's the craziest time of year to do so, but I need to drop two sizes (20 lbs) and fast. I know what it takes to do it, I just haven't done it. So...my new motto is DO OR DIET! I'm doing both, the DO being getting off my buttocks and creating my daily 7 (Marine talk for warm-up exercises) and getting my run time back to a 22 minute 3 mile; the DIET means no more Diet Dr. Peppers and pounds of chocolate every week. I eat fairly healthy, but at odd times so I'm setting my phone to beep every couple of hours as a reminder to eat something. My replacement for diet soda is water, my replacement for chocolate is writing (GOOD ONE!), and I'm going to stop smoking. I'm not a quitter, so stopping makes it sound more feasible. I'm going out on a limb here and posting my current specs. No flak from any of you!

My current:

Height 5' 10"
Weight 163
Age 30
BMI 23.4-ish

My goal is:

Height 5' 10" (already there!)
Weight 140-145
Age 25, okay fine I'll stay at 30!
BMI Below 21

This isn't outrageous. It's exactly where I should be, and where I use to be pre-pregnancy. Friends and family say it's baby weight. Yeah, when I had a baby. I have a one year old and a 10 year old now, that excuse reached it's statute of limitations 9 months ago! The only excuse I have is laziness. This is the last I will post on the subject until I reach my goal.



Super Mom said...

Well best of luck to you!!! You sure sound like you have enough motivation and discipline to grab that diet by the balls and kick the crap out of it!!!

Keep us posted on your progress!

Laura said...

Yeah, whatever, you're skinny anyway...


Good Luck!