Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today is Thursday, but not for me. That's right, fellow bloggers. Today is my FRIDAY! Not necessarily a good thing as far as work is concerned, but it's a nice long weekend to enjoy this fabulous weather we're having. Not to mention getting some writing done. I have my wonderful STAR meeting Saturday, also a good motivational boost to keep going on my current In The Works. I also have my oldest son's first Fall Ball game that morning (Go Ant!). Sunday, if all goes well and the hubster isn't working overtime, we'll be touring KSC for family day. It's free this weekend so if any of you get a chance to go, GO. The kids love it.

I'm going to read, write, and de-stress myself from work woes. Things will get better eventually...

Have a great weekend and keep the COSTUME IDEAS coming!

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