Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness and Mayhem

Well, it's official. We're going to hell in a hand basket and the liberators and vibrators on Capitol Hill are watching it crumble. Headlines on AOL today when I opened my mail: House Fails to Pass Huge Bailout Deal, with a multitude of follow up articles on the stock market melt down. What effect does this have on my middle class income?? Quite a bit considering my job is at stake, my 401K is dwindling, and my stocks are pretty much in crash and burn mode. How do we recover if the 'bipartisan-republican-democratic' house members refuse to get on board and come up with a plan TOGETHER that will work, or at least help the real people here in America? The one's who get up everyday to milk the cows, sow the oats, feed the bull kind of people that depend on their weekly paychecks. The single moms and dads that depend on job stability, the single and dual income families that depend on each other to make ends meet. Where's the plan for our kids when they will ultimately pay the price for our lack of action?

It's a tough situation at my job when we've cut everyone that was considered non-essential personnel. Now it's down to cutting the ones we can't afford to lose. This is madness and mayhem for many and I wish everyone out there that's working hard for their money and making less than what they owe the very best. Tough times call for discipline and unified efforts to make it better. I'm ready, are you?

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Laura said...

Very, Very Scary. I have no idea what to think. Just pray hard!