Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strike Two

Sitting at the table looking through the ads in the Sunday paper, I cam across one for Nutri System. Mind you I am now and will likely always be a big girl (I'm not talking fat, I'm talking Amazon-ish). I go through phases of gaining or losing 15 pounds, but the past year has been hard after having my little guy and trying to get back into a routine. He's 21 months and I gave myself to the 2 year mark to be back in my size 8's. I'm still a 12.

Hubs and I talked about going on this program before when we were both a bit larger, and we decided not to bother because of the cost and partially because in the back of our minds we knew what it took for us to drop the weight. I showed it to him and again he says, "I was thinking about doing that."

I replied, "It's as much to do this diet as it is our regular food bill. If anything it would be cheaper to buy groceries for the boys and the diet for us."

He says, "Oh, I wouldn't do it. I was talking about getting it for you."

Strike Two.


Erin M. said...

OMG! I can't believe he said that! This should be strike two AND strike three! YOU'RE OUT!!!

Kristen Painter said...

I hope you kicked him right in the babymaker for that one.

BTW, I'm doing Nutrisystem right now. Started two days ago. Laura's doing it with me. You should join us!

kyslp said...

Oh. No. He. Di-unt.

Did you stomp on his good foot?

Sissi said...

@Erin, it was early so I knew srike three was sure to follow!

@Kristen, I am highly tempted. I'll let you know if I jump ship on my SemperFit program and join you and Laura. I can only eat so much chicken and rice!!

@kyslp, you darn right I did! ;-)