Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strike Three

Here's the last post in the three part blog from today...and it's not even 5:00!

Driving to the store hubs and I were discussing Halloween costume ideas. Every year a friend of ours has a birthday/poker/costume party as it falls right before Halloween. We all look forward to finding the most original costume for the contest as part of the buy in to play cards goes to the best costume. Not to mention the rules, in order to play cards you have to be wearing a costume.

I asked him, "What costume would you pick for me?"

He thinks for a minute then answers, "Frankenstein."

He could have said an angel or Greek goddess...

Strike Three.


Life Laugh Latte said...

Hi Sissy, I have 3 comments...but I'll leave them all here because I am lazy! sorry your hubs was hurt. Really sorry he pointed any of that at you:) 2nd...Just looking at your picture anyone would immediately say that you are an incredibly beautiful woman at size 8 or 12. He is a VERY lucky man. 3rd...I'd go for a stripper look which will quickly remind him how lucky he is when all of the men at the party can't keep their eyes off of you. Just a thought:) Holly at

kyslp said...

Oh good Lord men are dumb! They make entertaining blogs posts though...,

Liz in Virginia said...

We go to a similar party, which I love and my husband hates (so much that last year he went to Afghanistan to avoid the party; I went with a female pal as Sarah Palin and Tina Fey.

This year all the husbands are home (thanking Jesus) and we are going as the three fabulous women from Mamma Mia -- and the husbands are going along with the theme. It's a major coup!

Love your blog, which cracks me up; once again the ladies at "Life Laugh Love have led me to a terrific site.

Liz at

Liz in Virginia said...

By the way, strikes two and one also cracked me up. My husband made, shall we say, a c-o-m-m-e-n-t about my physique, and I was so proud of all the things I didn't say!

I did ask him if he saw himself as the pot or the kettle in this scenario. . . .

Holly said...

Hilarious! Really enjoyed reading all three strikes...wait until your son can chime in. Yesterday my son told me "I didn't look too bad for being old." Thanks for sharing, so we all know we are not alone!

I agree with Holly at "Life, Laugh. Latte" you look hot in your pic whether an 8 or 12!

Holly @

kyslp said...

There's something for you on my blog.

Erin M. said...

I'm so glad my husband is not the only one royally screwing up lately. Maybe they should form a club?? Sheesh!

And ditto what Life Laugh Latte said---you are beautiful and he should feel LUCKY. Frankenstein my ass!