Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TN Trip Part I

This past weekend was a fabulous getaway to TN--though it went by entirely to fast. I missed my boys. Especially Bam who actually likes having me around. Anthony was gone himself, as is the norm on weekends, so he didn't know I was even gone. Bobby had a rough time, well...an interesting one at least! I left Thursday evening.

Friday morning came too early with a page from my hubster. When I spoke to him he said it must have been Bam playing with his phone. He had a rough night with Bam waking every hour, coughing, runny nose--sinuses. Then the poor baby coughed so much he spit up leaving Bobby to clean blankets and bedding as well as a milk-vomit child. He threw the bedding in the wash and the baby in the bath. Once bath time was over he was running loose in his birthday suit while Bobby got his diaper and clothes ready. Bam has a habit of squatting in a corner while he goes #2 and he did just that in his bedroom...without his diaper on. It landed on his heel and he took off through the house, leaving a poop trail for Bobby to clean, not to mention keep the dogs out of it. In order to do just that he wrangled Bam, put the dogs outside, and got the baby cleaned up and dressed.

Then he decided to try my method of containment while he showered--placing Bam on our bed to watch TV and eat breakfast. The TV was on, the breakfast was there...a pop tart. Yeah, Bam peeled the pop tart apart and smeared the jelly filling all over our bed spread and his newly cleaned self. Bobby jumps out of the shower, baby-wiped everything, and realized the dogs were still outside. Bobby got dressed, brought Bam outside to find that Doug (our bulldog) had made his way across the fence but couldn't get back in the yard. While Bobby coaxed Doug back over, Bam was running loose once again and stepped in...yep, dog shit.

Dogs inside, another round with the wipes, and everything at a stand still for Bobby to take a breath...whew. I got the phone call from him at 10:30 a.m. when he was on the way to the store with Bam and Ant (whom he let stay home from school because at that point he couldn't get him there on time anyway). That was the beginning of his weekend. Poor guy didn't stand a chance. Through the rest of the weekend it was similar chaos, sleepless nights with Bam waking and crying for me, and the occasional cute video or picture to show me they were all still alive. My weekend fun will follow in TN Trip Part II.

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