Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye Speye


Two women born a world apart find a common ground; each other. The disappearance of a political figure, and dear friend, ties their careers and lives together in a mysterious adventure where they find romance in unlikely places, mystery in the far realms of mankind, murder, mayhem, and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Saskia Devyani lives a quiet life in the bay region of Dublin where she works as a professor and scientist specialized in chemical compounds. Returning from a science conference at the university she finds her home in shambles. The police have no leads, but the one secret Saskia keeps could be the answer.

Zenevieva—also called Zen—Dubvronik is an electronics genius. Running her business, Speye Wear, and working with the U.S. government training and assigning agents; she is called to duty when a team looking for the missing political figure goes MIA themselves. Knowing her designs and their flaws this was not supposed to happen. Under new orders she is sent back to the feild to find them and is thrown into an adventure with a stranger that collides the past with the present and threatens both of their futures.

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