Saturday, April 4, 2009

Changing Latitude: 1st page

The evening air hung heavy. Her hair clung to her face in damp wisps. Her heart pounded in rhythm to her stride as she jogged down the rocky path that led to the clearing of campground sites. Just a bit further and she would be okay.

The noises of the forest were common to her; it was the silence that nudged her fear. The shadows always lurked in the foliage or behind the limbs of the massive trees, but this time she sensed someone or something watched her every move. She was cautious to keep her pace as not to alert what or who watched. A few more yards to go and she would be in the clearing.

Just as she came to the bank of forest that lined the campground, she heard a loud rustle of tree limbs and snapping twigs. The earth moved underneath her. She took a deep breath as if diving into the ocean she braced herself, then everything faded to darkness.

She awoke in a cold sweat. The dream so vivid in her mind, Cadence glanced at her alarm clock: 4:20. "Ugh, I've got to get some sleep," she said. This was the fourth night of having the dream.

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melissa said...

ooohhh! i like it!