Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flight Risk

In less than five hours I will be boarding a plane heading to Tennessee. My flight is on a fairly lackadaisical airline (SW), but I have confidence in the flight crew. I'm not afraid of flying, no phobia of falling either, and unless there are little people dressed as clowns eating corn on the flight then I should be just peachy, right? Not since reading this: Turbulence Paralyzes Woman .

Lord knows I've flown in worse conditions, but among those conditions I wore a parachute. The risks of flying should not inlcude possible paralysis from turbulance at 30,ooo feet in the air!


Capt Tom Bunn LCSW said...

Take a look at the many articles in the free fear of flying library at

Sissi said...

LOL! Thanks Capt Tom ;o) I don't have a fear of flying...just a fear of paralysis.