Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post reminds me of a former co-worker that once stated, "I would never get a tattoo. My body is a temple." My reply, "So is mine, and I choose to decorate it."

I laughed when I saw this picture and immediately thought of my boys. I'm a tattooed Momma, though most never see them unless I am in a bathing suit or tank top. It's not that I hide them on purpose, I just got them for me so the need to "share" them is not as great as the addiction of getting them.

I have a close friend who is finally getting her tattoo covered and added too; it's beautiful and so elegant...if that is a word to use with tattooing! I have six, one of which is my first son's name on my arm. In lieu of my youngest son asking "Where's my name?" I have plans to get his added. Unfortunately to do so would mean re-doing my first son's name so it is not faded next to the second one. So much goes into planning and prepping before actually getting a tattoo for me!

One suggestion my husband came up with is covering the one on my back with a larger piece consisting of a Momma Bear and two Baby Bears surrounded by flowers that extend from my lower back and up one side. I'm fairly artistic so I could draw up a general idea for the tattoo artist to embellish. It's just the thought of getting one that will take hours if not days of sitting to complete. I'll come up with a solution, but not until I'm at my goal weight in another 3 weeks. That way I will be happy to post the after pictures sporting my newest "decoration".


Kristen Painter said...

Thanks for plugging the petition!

I like tattoos, but deciding what and where is just too hard. I like looking at other people's tho.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sissi.. Have you reached your goal? Do you have something sketched?

Sissi said...

Almost! Two more weeks to go...