Sunday, January 18, 2009

In The Moment

I'm living in the moment! You know, that moment where your current WIP takes a turn for the better? The kind of moment that fuses two ideas into one. My moment is about to reach the end. No, not the end, but THE END! As in I am one scene away from finishing!!!

It all started on Friday, and short of a brief paintball hiatus yesterday I have been nonstop rearranging, adding to, and deleting. The Romantic suspense with paranormal element has been turned into a Romantic there such a genre? It's funnier now, and quicker, more intense on the romance, obvious paranormal element from the first page (problem in my last Deep Dish), and not as long as I had expected originally. It works.

I plan on polishing the last scene then editing the rest of this week. I may reach my goal yet of having a submission and reply by my birthday!

Here's to all of you working "in the moment", whatever moment that may be for you!


Marty said...

Great Job on the Writing and Great New Blog page look.

Sissi said...

Thanks, Marty! It's a cloud 9 moment indeed. I'll be posting online reads via my webpage sometime this week.