Monday, January 19, 2009

First Page Review

I've posted the first page of the first chapter of my book BACK HOME. It's a paranormal romance with a hint of suspense and a lot of humor. Read it, review it, rip it apart, or rave about it. Comment when you're done to let me know if I've got you hooked or if I need more bait to reel you in! I'm very excited about this book in whole so any tidbits now will only make it better. THANKS!

1 comment:

Marty said...

Sissi, great first read on your WIP - actually I am currently writing a second story about my OWN otherworldly experiences. Have you read my firstGhost Story?

One more question, your last line - “I’ll call you tomorrow.” - is that going to lead to a witty reply about another ambulance visit?