Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?!

In a recent study by Dr. Kelley Kline of Florida State University, it was found that men prefer brunettes. Not just any brunette, but long haired brunettes. The study states "Fifty men and 76 women whose average age was 27 rated the attractiveness of women who were depicted in six different photographs. Both men and women found the long hair to be "overwhelmingly" more attractive than the short or medium-length hair. Men are programmed to find a fertile mate, and lead researcher Dr. Kelley Kline thinks long, thick hair is a signal that a woman is strong, young, and healthy." Another interesting find "Men preferred brunettes over blonds." This intrigued me the most as so many of today's poptarts are blond-buxom-beauties. The idea that the Hef would prefer a brunette over a blond is ludicrous, yet the majority of males seem to look towards Angelina Jolie--brunette, Kim Kardashian-brunette, J. Lo-brunette, and so on. I've decided to have a poll of my own. Vote your preference and I'll post the findings a week from today.

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