Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Recap Has A New Name

I use to write a Weekend Recap to sum up our weekend adventures. Of course in those days me and my hubster's adventures consisted of jumping out of planes, night ops, and polishing off an 18 pack between two of us while everyone else crawled home. Those were such simpler times!

We still have adventures, just not 30,000 feet above the ground, usually not at night with cammo paint and ghillie suites, and often sober unless we are lucky enough to find a babysitter--they hide at the end of the rainbow with the leprechauns now; that's how rare they've become!

So in lieu of simpler times, I've decided to bring back the weekend recap but with a new spin. It's now going to be my Sunday Synopsis. I need to keep focused on my writing, especially in these hard times, because it's what keeps me motivated and staying positive that things WILL get better.

There's so much coming up in the weeks ahead that I'll have plenty to write about so be sure to check in on Sunday nights or Monday mornings for the Sunday Synopsis updates!

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