Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Synopsis: Wednesday's version

Oh what a weekend! So much went on that I have to break it down day by day just to get it straight in my mind!

Friday (Oct. 24th) was the day of my interview for the court job. I get up to the court house (in Viera) by 10:30 just to be sure of where I was going and lo' and behold I'm suppose to be in Titusville! I have never been to Titusville, so the 45 minute drive there was enough to discourage me from wanting the job in the first place. When they realized they had mistakenly pulled my application for the wrong location I was relieved and peeved. Relieved that the position in Viera was still available, and peeved that I wasted $20 in gas!

So I make it home in time to check my oldest son out of school and hunt down the remainder of his costume:

Yes, he wants to be MJ for Halloween! You should see the video of him dancing...Lord help us.

Saturday (Oct. 25): First thing Saturday morning I had my monthly STAR meeting. The Deep Dish was fantastic and I'm still editing from the comments everyone made on my first chapter. I'm so excited, but that's another post!

Then I had to get home to take the boys to our oldest son's Fall Festival at school. Fifty tickets and four won sodas later we headed home to get ready for his game. Baseball fields were flooded so we had a two hour reprieve from watching little league and chasing our 10 month around the playground. Yeah, he's walking that good now.

That night we had a Halloween/costume/Texas Hold'em/Birthday bash for a friend. Our oldest also had a Halloween party that started 30 minutes before ours. This put my husband and I in an awkward position of dropping him off in full costume:

My hubster was the Tooth Fairy, and I went as a Native American with an Afro...and Afro-American! The night ended with a three way tie on the Texas Hold'em tournament and the hostess winning the best costume. It's always fun when you mix costumes, alcohol, cards, and friends.

Sunday (Oct. 26th): We rested. Cleaned house, grocery shopped, and rested.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'm looking forward to this Friday. Halloween with the boys will be fun.


Kristen Painter said...

You and the hubster are too cute!

Lara Santiago said...

Gee...your days sound as fun filled as mine are. :)
I always feel like I'm going 90 mph in five different directions, but not necessarily for myself.

Slow down. Write a little. Stop and smell the coffee...or is it the roses. Hmm. Well, either one will smell good.

Roxanne St. Claire said...

I am SO sorry I missed your Deep Dish at the STAR meeting! I couldn't make it this week - blame Halloween. One of the many things that kept me from the meeting was making a costume for my 15 year old son going to a H'ween party. We sewed Barbies on his T-shirt and he went as a chick magnet!

So glad to discover your blog!