Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 26th-29th Costumes of the Day!

Playing catch-up!  It's been a crazy week and costumes have been the focus of just about everything leading up to this weekend :)  Here's the final cut:

October 26th: Mr. "T"ea, Wear a mustache and put a capital T on a shirt, OR throw on the Mohawk/Fauxhawk and carry a cup o'tea. 

October 27th: Devil with a Blue Dress (1995 classic), easy peasy!  Wear a blue dress...funnier when a guy does it, and throw on some devil horns :)

October 28th: Boxed Wine, Pick your favorite wine label, attach it to a shirt, make a black spot around one eye (for a black eye) and wear boxing gloves.

October 29th: Happy Bunny, you can buy bunny ears pretty much anywhere as well as a t-shirt with a smartass saying on it.

The top two will be posted soon :)

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