Friday, October 14, 2011

Cops and Caffeine

I have some friends who wear badges and run towards the chaos.  In the midst of the chaos, long hours, weird encounters, and dangerous daily tasks, I asked them, "What's your poison?" 

Here's some of the replies:

Fuzzy 1: Mt. Dew.  Gotta have the Dew.

Fuzzy 2: Water, gym time, and protein *insert man grunt here* 

Fuzzy 3: COFFEE...<---must agree

Fuzzy 4: Sweet tea *I've heard it keeps'em sweet, otherwise they are a bear to work for*

Fuzzy 5: Diet Coke, coffee, Mt. Dew, straight caffeine works too.

Fuzzy 6: Coffee with a Diet Dr. Pepper chaser *wink*

The caffeine crusade continues!

**Just for S&G I asked about the donut diet...I'll save that for another post ;)

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