Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Friend

This week's Friday Friend is my beautiful Beth.

1. What's your name and who were you named after? Mary Elizabeth- mom & dad prayed for so long to have a child that when I was born they decided to name me after Mary & her cousin Elizabeth.

2. Where are you from originally? Denham Springs-Where else

3. Married? Describe how you met and how he proposed. Married for 5 years. We met when I was 14 & he was 16. But our lives have crossed paths since before I was born. His parents used to live behind us when he was a baby. Then when I was 14 my cousins introduced us. We did the whole week thing & went our separate ways but saw each other all the time. Then when I was a junior we got back together, went on to college & had our first child. Split up for almost 4 years & then got back together since he grew up. So here we are 5 years later with 2 bad boys 12 & 4. Really the proposal- Well we went to dinner & then were going to the mall to get him a new hat. So while he was driving he took the ring (which I picked out & brought home, he paid for it) out of his pocket & said so do you want to marry me or what. Yes he is such a romantic. Guys need a script, it swear! I think I'll start writing 'How to Propose' tips ;-)

4. Kids? 2 very rotten boys. Chance is 12 & Jo is 4. Chance is just like his daddy very laid back & takes a lot off of people. Jo is just like me, you piss him off & he will knock the crap out off of you. I would have loved to have one more but I think God knew that these 2 boys would be what we could handle. And sometimes I would love to put them outside with a free sign but they are pretty cute so I keep them. :) Chance will always have a special place in my heart. I remember when you found out you were pregnant and you told me you wanted to name him that. It made me smile...made Brandy Lee ball her eyes out, but she was happy ;-)
5. Favorites:

Beverage/Food- Dr. Pepper/Tie between Chinese & Mexican
TV Show- Biggest Loser
Music- Anything-to an extent
Actor/Actress- Actor: The Late Heath Ledger & Brad Pitt Actress: Angelina Jolie & Drew Barrymore
Quote or saying- Live your life to the fullest
Time of day- Not a morning person unless the kids are still sleeping & I can get housework done, but I do like the 10-2 time frame

6. Worst fear? Why? Heights & probably every parents fear that something will happen to my boys. Heights-I have no idea why I am afraid it continues to get worse as I get older. Bridges even freak me out, especially if I can not see on the other side. So I guess us going skydiving is out of the question?

7. What is one dream you'd like to make come true? Cure for cancer, too many family members have lost their lives to cancer. Also too many other people have lost their family members. Amen

8. If you won the lotto of $1 million what would you do? Pay off all of my debt, buy a house, build my daycare center. And pay off your favorite Sissi's student loans...?

9. What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher-which I should have become. It's never too late ;-)

10. Any regrets? No regrets, never regret anything. I made bad choices but not regrets

BONUS: How did we meet and fondest memory of us? In high school probably in gym class. Damn the fondest memory, we had plenty. I remember a party at your house & you taught me how to do the stroke. Then there was your run in with the bus, you scared the hell out of us Crash. Senior year was awesome, except for when we were on the outs. I don't even know why that was, do you? I remember the pep rallies, the jerseys (why was I DC Dazed & Confused). I also remember one of the senior things you sent me said even if you hate me I will always love you. I never hated you, I always loved you too. Oh just remembered the DC thing, my license plate that DJ gave me. I'm not for sure, but I think it was over you and DJ and how he was back then. I'm glad you ignored my advice ;-) Some things are indeed worth fighting for. I learned that lesson because of you, Brandy, and Anitra. Seems I was on the outs with all three of you then, so I'm pretty sure it was me. I'm so blessed to still have all three of you in my life ;-)
There she is readers! Some day we will all make it to a reunion and have some more stories we can't tell about each other. Shhhh!
Happy Friday!

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