Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh No She Di'nt! (Oh yes I did)

I'm a pretty easy going person when it comes to politics. I have my beliefs that are rarely discussed outside of close friends and family. Other's opinions are openly heard and respected though I do not always accept them as my own.

However, recent news coverage of our US politics has me a little up in arms. The political equivalent of monkey's slinging poop from their cages is happening on a national stage (internationally being viewed by our allies and foes alike) with the biased coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin's resignation--and future assumed plans--to the appointment of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

I'm a Republican. I keep my conservative beliefs fairly liberal as I am also a believer in utiliarianism (i.e. greatest good for the greatest number). The idea of a woman who had the balls to take on both political parties in her state, save millions for the citizens of that state while in office and by stepping down from that office, take on ONE of the highest honors in American history as a Vice President nominee only to be compared to the opposing party's Presidential pick, undergo public humiliation and attacks on herself and her family's private life, and still want to promote BOTH parties in an upcoming U.S. political tour sounds like a true 'we the people' American to me. I admire her moxy.

The idea of a woman taking a seat in our U.S. Supreme Court that can't decide on her personal beliefs about abortion calling it 'settled law' (a huge, ongoing case in our country), rules against well deserving firefighters for promotion because minorities in that group didn't do well enough on a test for promotion also, deny an innocent man convicted of murder at the age of 16 the right to an appeal is cause for concern when this very woman will be deciding the fate of future cases that affects not just particular individuals, but an entire nation.

It's hard being a woman in a man's world. I get that. Hell, I've lived it for most of my adult life. What I don't get is why female politicians like Sotomayor think once they are in that world everything will be handed to them. Pelosi is another thorn in the paw of the proverbial lion. It will take a mouse, like regular Americans, to get them out.

Some of you are likely strutting your necks saying 'Oh no she di'nt', but I'm saying 'Oh yes I did'! I went there. I publicly stated my belief on these matters, and if it comes back to bite me in the butt on my future campaign to become the first female Native American/Caucasian-Cajun/European-ish president then so be it; I've got a big butt...and I can't deny (you can finish the song in your head while you think about what I've posted and review the embedded links!)


Emily said...

Why do you read my mind like that?

leslie rae said...

It's pretty sad when I have to read a blog to get information like this...instead it's being reported that MJ's death is being ruled a homicide. Wonder why our country is in doodoo?!

Anonymous said...

I do have to say i couldnt have said it better myself i agree and what will the people do about it ...they will most likly go back to watching so stupid sitcom on tv and never watch the news and being informed on what toilet our rights as an american are being flushed down. im glad to see you have a eye open.