Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changing Stories

I recently received word on my previous book that was entered into a contest last year. It didn't final, but apparently it caught the eye of one of the judges who thought it had some potential. Mind you I gave up on that story and continued work on my current WIP these past six months. This story is a completely different genre than the one they are requesting and I'm no where near the word count they require. I have been typing, editing, brainstorming, and re-typing for the past four days. I think my fingers are permanently cramped, back is sore, butt is expanding past my jean's maximum capacity, and my eyes are like lead weights with bags hanging from them.

How do all of my writing peers do it? How do you change in the middle of a current WIP to work on another; change from paranormal to romantic suspense; keep your sanity (and your butt size) in check while you do it?

Ugh, wish me luck. It's one step closer to my goal and I will reach it in 2009!

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