Monday, June 8, 2009

Angel at Dusk

Here's a snippet from the beginning that is missing something. Suggestions welcome!

Chapter 2:

The red light flashing at the intersection gives her pause. The description she was given about this town was one horse, one red light. “Found the red light“, she thinks out loud. “Now where’s that horse?”

Sage feels the overwhelming urge to run the red light, but contains her impatience until it changes. The roads are dark, the houses are too far back to see any details, and the fog is starting to thicken. She hopes the next turn is not as obscure as the last. Moss covered tree limbs hang low over the road signs, and everything else.

Charming and quaint are the words her Aunt used to describe the old town. “Creepy and isolated come to mind,” she says. Out of the corner of her eye a flash of white swoops down from the overhanging trees startling Sage to slam on her brakes. Her fog lights flicker as a shadow passes in front of her car. Instinct kicks in. Reaching into her console she pulls out her stun gun. Never having used it before she fumbles with the switch looking to see if whatever it could be was approaching.

She sees the fog retracting, and the tree clad skyline seems to brighten a bit as moonlight slips through the limbs. Taking a deep breath, she shakes her head. Feeling foolish that she let herself get scared over what was probably an owl or some other night bird looking for food, she drops the stun gun onto the passenger seat and puts her car into drive.

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