Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interview Schminterview

I'm not feeling all that great about the interview yesterday. As soon as I walked out I started over analyzing the entire 35 minutes. My conclusion? I'll tell you at the end. First let me go over some of the pitfalls of the diabolical mess I walked into yesterday.

The interview was AT the county jail. Not in an office close by, or even at the Viera courthouse where I thought pretrials took place. See, the job I applied for is a CJ Officer position that handles pretrial release. An overview of the job: within 24 hours of arrest a person must be seen by a judge. On an average day 75-100 people are brought in to the jail which could cause for some long days/nights for the one or two judges that work the court at the jail. Oh yeah, there's a whole corridor of offices that surround a court room just for this purpose which makes it convenient for the justice process to happen in a timely manner. Or at least the beginning of it. In order to keep the working hours to a norm, there are 6-8 officers that pre screen the arrested to see if they need to be seen by a judge (felony/2nd misdemeanor/etc.) or if they can just be processed and released.

There I was, seated in the little office with no windows, cinder block walls, and one ominous metal door that had to be unlocked to enter, and locked once entered. I'm not a claustrophobic person, but finding an escape route became my immediate priority. I met with two people, (A) the person that would hopefully be my boss, and (B) the person that seemed most likely to hire me as we had much more in common.

Person (A) did all the question asking. The questions were pretty general...if you were used to the environment they worked in! Here's some of the Q & A's that I've been over analyzing the past 24 hours.

The very first question asked:
Q: What is a felony?
A: A crime that constitutes more than a year in prison; shooting someone is a felony.
Analysis: You idiot! They know this, they wanted to hear the definition, not a description!

Q: If someone came in that had perpetrated against you or someone you know, how would you handle them?
A: I would likely be biased in my judgement and report the situation to my direct supervisor so they could assign someone else to the case.
Analysis: Damn good answer! I was honest and showed fairness in my judgement--I was also eyeing the door at this point wondering if anyone on the other side had a key.

Q: In the event of an arrested or inmate becoming rowdy or even in the event of a hostage situation, how do you think you would react?
A: I've never been in a hostage situation so I couldn't be sure of my reaction. I've been able to handle other crisis' and keep a level head.
Analysis: I should have brought up scenarios that I was trained for in the Corps! The only difference, I was carrying a rifle or 9mm then so I had a little more say in the outcome! In my mind I was kicking and screaming at the door by this point.

Q: How do you handle stress?
A: I go home at the end of the day, have a cigarette and maybe a glass of wine, and let it go.
Analysis: Why do they need to know that I smoke? I don't smoke during the day, usually only when I'm having a few drinks with friends as I've worked very hard on disciplining my bad habit, yet I put it out there as a crutch/cure for stress??? What the hell is wrong with me?! Now I was thinking of having a cigarette.

Q: How do you handle depression?
A: I go home at the end of the day, have a cigarette and maybe a glass of wine, and let it go.
Analysis: Dumb ass.

Q: What type of people do you have a hard time working with?
A: I work well with most people as I'm a very non-confrontational person. If there is a problem with an individual I like to compromise and find a solution.
Analysis: Bullshit. I'm known as the angel of death at my current job (Shut up Rayna). If there's someone I don't like I make it known and take every opportunity to show their weakness. My hubster said people should coat their office doors with lambs blood when I'm around! I really don't hunt people down to point them out, it takes a true moron or jackass that is down right rude to get my dark side showing. So in my defense, I really am non-confrontational (I was ready to start digging a tunnel through the linoleum after this question).

The rest of the Q & A's were pretty standard as far as "standard" goes. I was a little nervous going in as the person before me wore a suit and carried a brief case. I was more nervous coming out as the person after me also wore a suit and carried a briefcase. I wore dark grey slacks, a royal blue lace camisole with a taupe wrap long sleeve over it, my matching suede half-boots, and carried my yellow KVZ purse and planner. Don't get me wrong, I looked and felt good, but with 24 hours to analyze EVERY aspect of the interview...I'd like to erase yesterday and try again.

Oh well, if I don't get the call I know why; if I do get the call I'll over analyze their reasoning for hiring me. Either way I've thought about it too much!


Marty said...

Look, my wife does this kind of kicking herself in the head crap all the time. I can read through every line. The TRUTH is that you did great on the interview. If you get the job it is because you DESERVED it, if you do not it it because they were IDIOTS.

(I say the same stuff to my wife all the time - and dammit, I'm right!)

Kristen Painter said...

I'm sure you did great. Don't be so hard on yourself!

And for the record, I don't suffer fools lightly either. I say what I think. But then, you may already know that...

Sissi said...

Marty, you sound like my husband. Then again he's biased and has to be nice to me :o)

Kristen, at least with you I get constructive criticism! I didn't even get a notion or reaction from them that I could go off of! For now I may have to rethink changing careers.

Super Mom said...

ROFL Loved it... I hope you get the job. :)