Friday, March 9, 2012

Fear Holds No Power Here, by Harlee Stafford

The following was written by Harlee Stafford and with his permission I've reposted it for all of you.  (Thanks, Harlee.)

Fear Holds No Power Here

In memory of Barbara Pill

Fear holds no power here,
For She walked among us…
A beacon of what we should strive to be.

A guardian
for those unable to protect themselves.

A voice
for victims who struggled to be heard.

A shoulder
for those who needed to cry.

A pillar
for those in need of strength.

A guide
for those lost in life's wilderness.

A smile
for those wrestling with sadness.

Dedicated wife
Loving mother
Unconditional friend.

Her light stood against the darkness...
Hearts broken,
Our tears fall.

The Devil trembles
As Saint Michael welcomes
A peerless warrior into his fold.

Fear holds no power here…
For she watches over us.

Our guardian...
Our sister...
Our friend.

By Harold "Harlee" Stafford
March 9, 2012

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like Harlee. Ever the genius with words....