Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Title Origins

In recent weeks I've been asked about the title of my blog and what my "theme" is.  Simply put, it's a light-hearted view of my life's chaos and a way for me to share a humble passion for writing.  I had it brought to my attention that other blogs on different social sites are using my title as well as two publishing companies; all started after my original date.  "I'd be pissed!" is the common statement I hear when they see the knockoffs.  Frankly, I'm flattered.  I get the point.  I just don't work that way.  I blog when I feel like it, and I share my writing/books in bits and pieces.  If I wanted the masses to see my work I'd give in to the revision letters and pile of queries that are sitting on my desk.  It's just not time. 

As for the title, it is a play on words for the type of books I like to write.  I'm a romantic hopelessly.  No, I said it correctly.  I'm also a Columbo of the female variety that likes to solve matters...and murders, of the heart. One day as I tapped the ink from my calligraphy pen I looked at the etching on the end of it:  Stiletto.  It's a certain model of pen, not just a fountain pen, but also ballpoint.   Then came the feminine touch.  The stiletto heel was named from the style of dagger/knife that had a slim blade often used for concealment.  Hence, Stilettos and Ink was born. 

stilettos, plural of sti·let·to (Noun)Noun:
1.A short dagger with a tapering blade.
2.A sharp-pointed tool for making eyelet holes.

It's okay.  It makes sense in my mind and that's really all that matters.  :)

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